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Handmade Glass Container Jar Candles with Decoupage Fantasy Art

 I have a love for making and burning candles. It is an obsession which started when I was probably in 6th grade. I couldn't burn the candles I had at that age; my mom wouldn't let me in fear of me burning the cat, myself, and the family house down. Now that I have my own house and I am much more careful with things, my obsession with candles continues but with the ability to burn them =)

I love playing with wax as well. The first time I ever "played" with wax, I dripped the melting wax all over a glass ice tea bottle and placed it on my dresser for decoration. This was the start of my candle and wax tart making, which came natural to me. Adding the scents, oils, and dried flowers and herbs add a special touch to my Handmade Candles. Each candle has herbs for specific spiritual purposes such as yule blessing, home cleansing, love, and friendship.

Another special and unique added touch I love adding to these glass jar candles, is to decoupage art prints from my original fantasy artwork. I finish them off with bows, ribbon, and inspiration and spiritual words.

Use these Handmade Candles for your spiritual and prayer needs or simply place on the mantle to add to home decor. Candles bring a sense of comfort and cozy ambiance in a bathroom, kitchen, porch, or when meditating or reading. I light a candle when cooking, when I am about to have company, or when I am on the porch to keep bugs away.

I am an Earth lover and recycle as much as possible. I use a lot of glass containers and jars from old candles in efforts to continue with the recycle method. Many friends and family member save old glass jars from candles they have used. I melt the wax out, clean and dry the jars to get them ready for my fresh new candles. I also buy containers and jars when I run out.

I love these candles and enjoy making them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
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