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Folklore Friday - Series on Mythology, Legend, Folklores, and Beliefs

Mythology, legends, folklore, and cultural beliefs are a huge part of our many world societies and heritages. Traditions and spiritual beliefs make up who we are as people.

You can find different stories in every country, some having similar qualities and backgrounds. One example is the traditions and stories of St. Nicholas and Santa Claus. Where he came from, what he wore, and what he bought to the homes are all different; but the main point of him is the same. 

I love heritage style folklore and stories, pasted down from generations to keep traditions going. I remember reading (well getting read to) at probably the age of about five. Some of my favorite books and ones that I still have, were the books on Irish folklore, Goddess and princess mythology, Brothers Grimm fairy tales, and many more of that theme. I didn't fully understand them at such a young age, but as I got older my fascination with these stories continued. I expanded my knowledge adding on the stories of the Saints, thanks to my Catholic school days, which was a very positive and wonderful experience. In college, I learned even more. 

Since I love these stories so much and I know others enjoy them as well, I came up with a great idea in my opinion for the blog. I want to share all these legends and Folklores and stories of Saints and Goddesses and so on. So... I came up with a new segment called, "Friday Folklore" which I will choose a different story to feature on that Friday. I'm excited about this new blog series and I hope you are excited too.

Thanks and Enjoy!