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Saint Jude Thaddeus - Apostle Patron of Hope

Saint Jude is a very special and passionate Saint. One of hope, love, compassion, and caring; this is one of the many reasons why I have chosen him as our first "Folklore Friday" post. Now I love stories, legends, and folklore but Saint Jude is not just a story or legend. He was and is still alive in many hearts who call onto him for difficult and desperate situations. He is a Saint that will listen and fill your soul with positive energy, lifting all the negativity away. 

Saint Jude is the Patron Saint of Hope and impossible causes. It's not a coincidence why people call out and pray to him for sick loved ones. He welcomes our prayer and petitions of gratitude, strength, help, and hope.

My first teachings of Saint Jude was as a young girl in Catholic school. I learned about him as well as the many other Saints and their ways of helping those who pray to them. Saint Jude was a favorite of my aunt Clara as well, who kept his prayer card and medallion on her dresser. I actually have her medallion in my jewelry box now to remember her by. 

Although the teachings in my school and through my aunt were very informative, I feel that to truly understand, appreciate, and know a saint; you have to pray and work with them. Now since he is the Saint for desperate type situations, I always had a feeling that I shouldn't pray to him unless I really had an important issue. I'm sure this was just a silly feeling but it was one that I just felt. Luckily, when I finally needed him, he listened and helped me with my petition. 

Long story short, I had a situation that I felt so strongly about and needed help figuring out and settling. It was very important and was consuming my thoughts on a daily basis. Nothing was getting resolved and I knew that this was my desperate Saint Jude plea. I was angry, mad, and consumed with negative energy that for me is not a normal thing. I am a very positive person and I hate to be around negativity. In fact, I try to avoid it as much as possible if I can help it. Well I knew that I had to ask for help and I turned to this amazing Saint. 

I lit my Saint Jude candle, got out my prayer card, and wrote down my petition and prayer. I read somewhere that Saint Jude like offerings of water and pennies, so I placed a small glass of water and three pennies next to his candle. I prayed for a resolution to my situation, for peace, and for my feelings of anger to change. Within three minutes I started feeling different. I no longer had those negative feelings. I started to feel warm, relaxed, forgiving, and filled with peace. It was truly amazing. At the end of my prayer I placed the piece of paper that I wrote my words on next to the pennies and blew the candle out. I then randomly said jokingly, "please let this (my resolution) happen quickly. Like three days not three months because I just want all this to be over. Thank you." Let me tell you, exactly three days later, my situation was resolved. It was crazy how fast my prayer was answered and for it to be three days exactly was even more amazing. We see a common theme of three here, which I read later somewhere that this is a good number for Saint Jude because it represents the holy trinity. I believe it. 

So who was Saint Jude? He was one of Jesus’ original twelve Apostles, the brother of James the Less, and a cousin of Christ. Saint Jude is usually depicted carrying the image of Jesus in his hand. Saint Jude died a martyr’s death for his faith. His body was later brought to Rome and placed in a crypt under Saint Peter's Basilica. Saint Jude is not to be mistaken for Judas Iscariot, who was the man who betrayed Jesus. 

Saint Jude is caring, peaceful, and a wonderful Saint to talk to. I am so happy that I got a chance to feature him for my first article in my "Folklore Friday" blog series. And remember, if he answers your prayers, please praise him and tell him thank you by spreading how wonderful a Saint he is. 

Thank you Saint Jude and thank you guys for reading!

Folklore Friday - Series on Mythology, Legend, Folklores, and Beliefs

Mythology, legends, folklore, and cultural beliefs are a huge part of our many world societies and heritages. Traditions and spiritual beliefs make up who we are as people.

You can find different stories in every country, some having similar qualities and backgrounds. One example is the traditions and stories of St. Nicholas and Santa Claus. Where he came from, what he wore, and what he bought to the homes are all different; but the main point of him is the same. 

I love heritage style folklore and stories, pasted down from generations to keep traditions going. I remember reading (well getting read to) at probably the age of about five. Some of my favorite books and ones that I still have, were the books on Irish folklore, Goddess and princess mythology, Brothers Grimm fairy tales, and many more of that theme. I didn't fully understand them at such a young age, but as I got older my fascination with these stories continued. I expanded my knowledge adding on the stories of the Saints, thanks to my Catholic school days, which was a very positive and wonderful experience. In college, I learned even more. 

Since I love these stories so much and I know others enjoy them as well, I came up with a great idea in my opinion for the blog. I want to share all these legends and Folklores and stories of Saints and Goddesses and so on. So... I came up with a new segment called, "Friday Folklore" which I will choose a different story to feature on that Friday. I'm excited about this new blog series and I hope you are excited too.

Thanks and Enjoy! 

Handmade Glass Container Jar Candles with Decoupage Fantasy Art

 I have a love for making and burning candles. It is an obsession which started when I was probably in 6th grade. I couldn't burn the candles I had at that age; my mom wouldn't let me in fear of me burning the cat, myself, and the family house down. Now that I have my own house and I am much more careful with things, my obsession with candles continues but with the ability to burn them =)

I love playing with wax as well. The first time I ever "played" with wax, I dripped the melting wax all over a glass ice tea bottle and placed it on my dresser for decoration. This was the start of my candle and wax tart making, which came natural to me. Adding the scents, oils, and dried flowers and herbs add a special touch to my Handmade Candles. Each candle has herbs for specific spiritual purposes such as yule blessing, home cleansing, love, and friendship.

Another special and unique added touch I love adding to these glass jar candles, is to decoupage art prints from my original fantasy artwork. I finish them off with bows, ribbon, and inspiration and spiritual words.

Use these Handmade Candles for your spiritual and prayer needs or simply place on the mantle to add to home decor. Candles bring a sense of comfort and cozy ambiance in a bathroom, kitchen, porch, or when meditating or reading. I light a candle when cooking, when I am about to have company, or when I am on the porch to keep bugs away.

I am an Earth lover and recycle as much as possible. I use a lot of glass containers and jars from old candles in efforts to continue with the recycle method. Many friends and family member save old glass jars from candles they have used. I melt the wax out, clean and dry the jars to get them ready for my fresh new candles. I also buy containers and jars when I run out.

I love these candles and enjoy making them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
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