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Evolution ZEN 2015 Wearable Art Show in Buffalo NY

A few months ago, I got the chance to be a designer in the Evolution ZEN Wearable Art a Fashion Show. This was my second year participating as a designer for this amazing event. I previously wrote about Evolution early this year in the article post Wearable Art Fashion Show.

Evolution is one of the largest wearable art fashion shows in New York State, outside of NYC. It was an honor to have been able to design an outfit that graced the extra long runway this year.

With over 40 designers participating in 6 different categories, including a recyclable goods category and a fantasy category, which my design was apart of. The fashion Art show was held at Center for the Arts which is located on the University of Buffalo college campus. The atmosphere was edgy, modern, and bright which made for a perfect setting for the art inspired fashion. 
Models came from all over, from different backgrounds and sizes. They dressed up in tree branches, tables with cups, plastic bags and bottles, wings, feathers, lace, and everything else that one could imagine. 
I chose to design an outfit titled "Fae Goddess" for my model. I constructed large wings out of cardboard and paper mâché. My husband put the two wing sections together and attached them to the back brace using nuts and bolts making sure they bounced and moved as my model walked.

Pink and white simmered around her face, while silver specks of glitter glistened from head to toe. 

Evolution was again a huge success for us designers and models. Many already thinking about next year and what it will bring. For more information about Evolution, check out and Google their Facebook page at Evolution Buffalo NY.