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Saint Jude Thaddeus - Apostle Patron of Hope

Saint Jude is a very special and passionate Saint. One of hope, love, compassion, and caring; this is one of the many reasons why I have chosen him as our first "Folklore Friday" post. Now I love stories, legends, and folklore but Saint Jude is not just a story or legend. He was and is still alive in many hearts who call onto him for difficult and desperate situations. He is a Saint that will listen and fill your soul with positive energy, lifting all the negativity away. 

Saint Jude is the Patron Saint of Hope and impossible causes. It's not a coincidence why people call out and pray to him for sick loved ones. He welcomes our prayer and petitions of gratitude, strength, help, and hope.

My first teachings of Saint Jude was as a young girl in Catholic school. I learned about him as well as the many other Saints and their ways of helping those who pray to them. Saint Jude was a favorite of my aunt Clara as well, who kept his prayer card and medallion on her dresser. I actually have her medallion in my jewelry box now to remember her by. 

Although the teachings in my school and through my aunt were very informative, I feel that to truly understand, appreciate, and know a saint; you have to pray and work with them. Now since he is the Saint for desperate type situations, I always had a feeling that I shouldn't pray to him unless I really had an important issue. I'm sure this was just a silly feeling but it was one that I just felt. Luckily, when I finally needed him, he listened and helped me with my petition. 

Long story short, I had a situation that I felt so strongly about and needed help figuring out and settling. It was very important and was consuming my thoughts on a daily basis. Nothing was getting resolved and I knew that this was my desperate Saint Jude plea. I was angry, mad, and consumed with negative energy that for me is not a normal thing. I am a very positive person and I hate to be around negativity. In fact, I try to avoid it as much as possible if I can help it. Well I knew that I had to ask for help and I turned to this amazing Saint. 

I lit my Saint Jude candle, got out my prayer card, and wrote down my petition and prayer. I read somewhere that Saint Jude like offerings of water and pennies, so I placed a small glass of water and three pennies next to his candle. I prayed for a resolution to my situation, for peace, and for my feelings of anger to change. Within three minutes I started feeling different. I no longer had those negative feelings. I started to feel warm, relaxed, forgiving, and filled with peace. It was truly amazing. At the end of my prayer I placed the piece of paper that I wrote my words on next to the pennies and blew the candle out. I then randomly said jokingly, "please let this (my resolution) happen quickly. Like three days not three months because I just want all this to be over. Thank you." Let me tell you, exactly three days later, my situation was resolved. It was crazy how fast my prayer was answered and for it to be three days exactly was even more amazing. We see a common theme of three here, which I read later somewhere that this is a good number for Saint Jude because it represents the holy trinity. I believe it. 

So who was Saint Jude? He was one of Jesus’ original twelve Apostles, the brother of James the Less, and a cousin of Christ. Saint Jude is usually depicted carrying the image of Jesus in his hand. Saint Jude died a martyr’s death for his faith. His body was later brought to Rome and placed in a crypt under Saint Peter's Basilica. Saint Jude is not to be mistaken for Judas Iscariot, who was the man who betrayed Jesus. 

Saint Jude is caring, peaceful, and a wonderful Saint to talk to. I am so happy that I got a chance to feature him for my first article in my "Folklore Friday" blog series. And remember, if he answers your prayers, please praise him and tell him thank you by spreading how wonderful a Saint he is. 

Thank you Saint Jude and thank you guys for reading!

Folklore Friday - Series on Mythology, Legend, Folklores, and Beliefs

Mythology, legends, folklore, and cultural beliefs are a huge part of our many world societies and heritages. Traditions and spiritual beliefs make up who we are as people.

You can find different stories in every country, some having similar qualities and backgrounds. One example is the traditions and stories of St. Nicholas and Santa Claus. Where he came from, what he wore, and what he bought to the homes are all different; but the main point of him is the same. 

I love heritage style folklore and stories, pasted down from generations to keep traditions going. I remember reading (well getting read to) at probably the age of about five. Some of my favorite books and ones that I still have, were the books on Irish folklore, Goddess and princess mythology, Brothers Grimm fairy tales, and many more of that theme. I didn't fully understand them at such a young age, but as I got older my fascination with these stories continued. I expanded my knowledge adding on the stories of the Saints, thanks to my Catholic school days, which was a very positive and wonderful experience. In college, I learned even more. 

Since I love these stories so much and I know others enjoy them as well, I came up with a great idea in my opinion for the blog. I want to share all these legends and Folklores and stories of Saints and Goddesses and so on. So... I came up with a new segment called, "Friday Folklore" which I will choose a different story to feature on that Friday. I'm excited about this new blog series and I hope you are excited too.

Thanks and Enjoy! 

Handmade Glass Container Jar Candles with Decoupage Fantasy Art

 I have a love for making and burning candles. It is an obsession which started when I was probably in 6th grade. I couldn't burn the candles I had at that age; my mom wouldn't let me in fear of me burning the cat, myself, and the family house down. Now that I have my own house and I am much more careful with things, my obsession with candles continues but with the ability to burn them =)

I love playing with wax as well. The first time I ever "played" with wax, I dripped the melting wax all over a glass ice tea bottle and placed it on my dresser for decoration. This was the start of my candle and wax tart making, which came natural to me. Adding the scents, oils, and dried flowers and herbs add a special touch to my Handmade Candles. Each candle has herbs for specific spiritual purposes such as yule blessing, home cleansing, love, and friendship.

Another special and unique added touch I love adding to these glass jar candles, is to decoupage art prints from my original fantasy artwork. I finish them off with bows, ribbon, and inspiration and spiritual words.

Use these Handmade Candles for your spiritual and prayer needs or simply place on the mantle to add to home decor. Candles bring a sense of comfort and cozy ambiance in a bathroom, kitchen, porch, or when meditating or reading. I light a candle when cooking, when I am about to have company, or when I am on the porch to keep bugs away.

I am an Earth lover and recycle as much as possible. I use a lot of glass containers and jars from old candles in efforts to continue with the recycle method. Many friends and family member save old glass jars from candles they have used. I melt the wax out, clean and dry the jars to get them ready for my fresh new candles. I also buy containers and jars when I run out.

I love these candles and enjoy making them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
View and purchase more at the Gift Shop Two Cats Witchery.

Chakra Powders for Meditation, Yoga, Centering, Energy Healing, and Grounding.

I started hearing a lot about our body and the Chakra system a few years back, well probably about 6 years ago now). I had just started to get into the habit of grounding myself more often and trying to bring myself into a more relaxed state of mind. Mediation and breathing techniques became a great way for me to relax, stay calm, and to ground myself into a centered state before I did a Tarot reading. 

Last year I started experimenting with chakra salts to add to my ritual salt and bath salt products. I came up with a salt recipe that I liked, and then put it to the side. Well, after opening the new gift shop Two Cats Witchery last week, I decided to make a full line of Chakra products including the salts and a new product... Chakra Powders.

Chakra supplies can be used and have been used in many cultures and spiritual paths for meditation, personal rituals in energy work, aura cleansing, and color healing. These powders work wonderful as a Chakra supply. People can use them when doing yoga, or when they are in need of an energy or chakra balance, for grounding, centering, or energy healing. People can even use them with their daily beauty or bath routine. Dap a small amount on the Chakra of choice depending on which powder is being used. 

These Powders come in the 7 Chakra system colors... root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

These Chakra Powders are hand crafted using only the finest ingredients in accordance with each color theory, symbol, and spiritual property. All products are tools to use; the ritual, outcome, and intent is up to you. *If have sensitive skin, please test first. If allergic reaction happens, stop use and consult a doctor.

There is so much information on the Chakras and how they work, I can talk about them for pages, so I will some them up a little on here. 

The Root Chakra (red) is known in many spiritual and new age paths to represent our foundation and to help with the feeling of being grounded. It is located at the base of our spine. Dab this powder on the Root Chakra during meditation, yoga, when aura cleansing, etc. Root Chakra symbolizes earth, survival, and grounding. Grounds us to the physical world.

The Sacral Chakra (orange) is known in many spiritual and new age paths to represent our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences. It is located at the lower abdomen. Dab this powder on the Sacral Chakra during meditation, yoga, when aura cleansing, etc. Sacral Chakra symbolizes our sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure, sexuality, and reproductive capacity. Blockage equals emotional problems or sexual guilt.

The Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow) is known in many spiritual and new age paths to represent our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives. It is located at the upper abdomen. Dab this powder on the Solar Plexus Chakra during meditation, yoga, when aura cleansing, etc. Solar Plexus Chakra symbolizes self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Blockage equals anger or a sense of victimization.

The Heart Chakra (green) is known in many spiritual and new age paths to effect our ability to love. It is located at the center of chest just above the heart. Dab this powder on the Heart Chakra during meditation, yoga, when aura cleansing, etc. Heart Chakra symbolize love, joy, and inner peace. Blockage can equal heart problems, immune system problems, and lack of compassion.

The Throat Chakra (blue) is known in many spiritual and new age paths to effect our ability to communicate. It is located at the throat. Dab this powder on the Throat Chakra during meditation, yoga, when aura cleansing, etc. Throat Chakra symbolizes communication, creativity, self-expression of feelings, and the truth. Blockage equals not communicating your emotions.

The Third Eye Chakra (indigo) is known in many spiritual and new age paths to represent our ability to focus on and see the big picture. It is located on the forehead between the eyes. Dab this powder on the Third Eye Chakra during meditation, yoga, when aura cleansing, etc. Third Eye Chakra symbolizes intuition, imagination, wisdom, and the ability to think and make decisions. Relates to clairvoyance, psychic abilities, imagination, and dreaming.

The Crown Chakra (purple) is known in many spiritual and new age paths to represent our ability to be fully connected spiritually and with the higher realms. It is located at the top of the head. Dab this powder on the Crown Chakra during meditation, yoga, when aura cleansing, etc. Crown Chakra symbolizes inner and outer beauty, connection to spirituality, understanding, knowing, God, and pure bliss.

So if one needs a little help with grounding, centering, and becoming balanced with ones mind, body, and spirit / soul... try Chakra balancing and these Chakra Powders.


Dog Frozen Yogurt Recipe - peanut Butter Banana Flavor

Frozen yogurt on a hot summers day is a delicious treat, that even a dog loves too indulge in. This Dog frozen yogurt recipe is easy and has a peanut butter and banana flavor. Two ingredients that are safe, healthy, and a favorite for our four legged friends. This frozen yogurt is so good, that you will even like it. Plus there are only 3 ingredients and each is both dog and human friendly. Like regular human ice cream or frozen yogurt, this must stay in the freezer and can last a few months without getting freezer burn. Store in a freezer bag or a freezer safe food container. 

3 very ripe bananas 
1 cup creamy soft peanut butter
32 once plain yogurt

Put the bananas, peanut butter, and yogurt into a blender. Blend together until it's a creamy mixture and all ingredients are blended together. Pour into ice cube trays or chocolate molds. Place in freezer for at least two hours.

If using a smaller blender such as the magic bullet, place the ingredients in a mixing bowl first. Add the ingredient in smaller portions to the small blender. This is shown in the images provided. 

Use rubber style chocolate or ice molds. Makes it easier to pop the frozen yogurt treats out. 

Putt blended mixture into a mixing bowl. Scoop mixture out with a spoon into the ice trays. This helps create less of a mess. 

This DIY dog frozen yogurt recipe is easy, healthy, homemade, and your dogs will love them. Enjoy! 

Cayenne Pepper Rabbit and Critter Repellent

Cayenne pepper rabbit and critter repellent for your garden and yard.

A good garden, flower or vegetable, will always attract hungry little critters. These critters, especially those baby rabbits, are cute as a button until they are munching on your newly sprouted squash or your beautiful violets and clover plants. This was the scene I woke up too a few days ago. My huge clover plant (a rabbits favorite) which I spent all month watering and feeding, was gone with the clovers cut off. At first I actually thought that someone came into my yard and cut my plant with scissors. I was so mad and confused because I never had a critter problem before. My husband joked that maybe the leprechauns came and took my clover. Sticking with the, "well maybe a neighbor took my clover" until I saw my poor violets, planted only for a day. That was when I realized that I didn't have a leprechaun or a clover thief, I had hungry rabbits. 

Now everyone who gardens knows that rabbits do not like marigolds, but I wanted something that was a little more fool proof. Marigolds don't always keep out bunnies when they are determined to eat all your delicious treats in the garden. I did my research and came up with cayenne pepper for a rabbit and critter repellent. 
Cayenne pepper was the main ingredient in every DIY, homemade, animal safe repellent that I found. Many recipes called for letting the cayenne pepper along with the other ingredients to sit for 24 hours to 2 days. Not having all that time to just have my flowers and veggies exposed, I looked for dry spice solutions. The spices that came up were straight cayenne pepper or straight red pepper flakes or even a combination of both. Having both in my pantry, I chose to try the cayenne pepper since it seemed a little safer to be around my dogs, both whom which stick their noses into my flowers. I know that this pepper spicy pepper will make them sneeze or even be somewhat spicy on their nose, but cayenne is used for pain and arthritis remedies, so it seemed like the better choice out of the 2. Plus once they did get close to the smelly hot spice, they would leave the area alone. 

The process was easy. Just sprinkle the spice onto the dirt under and around each delicious plant. Sprinkle some on the leaves as well. I used a spoon to sprinkle the desired amount of cayenne onto each plant individually. I was also a little worried about my veggies. Would the cayenne effect the vegetable flavor in any way? The answers I kept getting were no. Would the flowers or leaves be discolored besides the actual spice being on them? The answer to this was also no. 

So day one of having the spice on my plants over night was a success, so far. No nibbles or broken stems. No new flowers eaten like my purple violets (now green stems). No leafless clover plants. My hopes are high! I do plan on planting some marigolds along the veggie and flowers that are at risk. My rabbit fencing is also up and in place around the squash plants. I have more cayenne ready to sprinkle if rain or wind washes the spices away. I am prepared, but if all else fails, at least I will have cute and chubby bunnies. 
Now to conquer the helicopters everywhere. 

* I am all about natural ways to repel. I am against harmful chemical repellents or ones that will kill the animals. My squash isn't that important in my eyes. I feel our commercial farms have enough chemicals. Why bring it into our yards! 

UPDATE: June 21, 2015 - The cayenne worked great. So far so good, with no more rabbits eating my flowers and squash plants. The pepper does have to be sprinkled on the plants again if it rains because the rain washes some of the pepper away. I went about 1 week without having to reapply the cayenne pepper, making sure I only watered the soil and not the leaves. When it rained, we had a heavy down pour so I had to sprinkle more on after the weather cleared up. I also planted marigolds around those yummy flowers which seems to help as well.

Evolution ZEN 2015 Wearable Art Show in Buffalo NY

A few months ago, I got the chance to be a designer in the Evolution ZEN Wearable Art a Fashion Show. This was my second year participating as a designer for this amazing event. I previously wrote about Evolution early this year in the article post Wearable Art Fashion Show.

Evolution is one of the largest wearable art fashion shows in New York State, outside of NYC. It was an honor to have been able to design an outfit that graced the extra long runway this year.

With over 40 designers participating in 6 different categories, including a recyclable goods category and a fantasy category, which my design was apart of. The fashion Art show was held at Center for the Arts which is located on the University of Buffalo college campus. The atmosphere was edgy, modern, and bright which made for a perfect setting for the art inspired fashion. 
Models came from all over, from different backgrounds and sizes. They dressed up in tree branches, tables with cups, plastic bags and bottles, wings, feathers, lace, and everything else that one could imagine. 
I chose to design an outfit titled "Fae Goddess" for my model. I constructed large wings out of cardboard and paper mâché. My husband put the two wing sections together and attached them to the back brace using nuts and bolts making sure they bounced and moved as my model walked.

Pink and white simmered around her face, while silver specks of glitter glistened from head to toe. 

Evolution was again a huge success for us designers and models. Many already thinking about next year and what it will bring. For more information about Evolution, check out and Google their Facebook page at Evolution Buffalo NY. 

How to Remove Candle Wax from Glass Containers

Learning how to remove candle wax from their glass containers can be a great way to reuse and recycle. When one has as many leftover old candles hanging around the house as I do, you try to find ways to reuse the wax instead of just throwing the jars out. This saves money and saves on adding to the garbage piles.

People burn candles for many different reasons. I burn for their scents and for the romantic and peaceful atmosphere they give off. The aroma fills the air and helps with taking unwanted smells out of the room, such as those lovely dog and cat smells. Now I love my animals, but I don't want my house smelling like them. I also burn candles for spiritual reasons, so you can probably imagine how many old candles I have laying around. 

Removing the wax is very easy and you can use the leftover candle wax to make wax tarts, tea light candles, or even small pillar candles. Bigger candles can be made if you have a lot of old wax or if you mix the leftovers together. I like to keep the wax separate because I make wax tarts from the different scents. 

Choose and gather all those old glass jar candles with the leftover wax at the bottom. Place them on a hot plate or towel to protect whatever surface they are on. In my case, I was protecting my kitchen counter. Score the wax with a knife making slits in the wax.

Boil a pot of water like you are making tea. You can use a tea kettle or a pot. The boiled water is the key to removing the candle wax from the glass jars. When the water is boiled, pour the water into each glass jar about a quarter way from the top. Remember to do this on the hot plate or towel to protect your surface. The glass jars will get very hot, so refrain from touching them with bare hands. Use a oven mitt or glove. 

The water will cover and reach into the wax section of the candle. The slits in the wax that were made will allow the water to reach inside the wax easier. You will see the wax start to melt and bubble to the top. It looks kind of like a lava lamp. Let the water sit for awhile and until it cools off. I let it sit for at least an hour. The water will eventually cool off and the wax will harden at the top. 

Remember as the wax melts in the container with the boiling water, the wax will separate and move to the top of the jars. When the water cools so will the wax, making it very easy to remove. To remove, stick the knife into the top of the wax. This will crack the wax making it easy to pull out. Pour the water out, but not into the kitchen sink because the wax will harden into the pipes. Take all the leftover wax out and place on the side to make wax tarts or candles out of it. You might have to repeat the steps if you have a lot of wax left in the jar and you can not remove it. 

If reusing the jars and containers, wipe the remaining wax out with a rag or paper towel. Wash with dish soap, rinse, and let dry. Remember to peal any labels off. The jars can now be used for decoration or storage. 

Well I hope that this helps with getting all that old wax out of those glass jars. Enjoy!

DIY Plastic Bag and Fabric Pillows

I recently wrote about how my husband and I made a dog bed out of wooden pallets for our two dogs. It came out perfect and we were ready for the next step of making the pillows and cushion parts for the bed. To learn how to make the bed or to get ideas, read the post DIY Pallet Wood - Handmade Dog Bed
When it came to making the pillows, we wanted to make them semi water (pee pee) proof, easy to clean, sturdy, comfortable, and affordable in price. The fabric had to be comfortable but sturdy enough for two large dogs to use basically everyday and night. Our one dog also has minor incontinence, so the number one thing I wanted was easy cleanup and water proofing. I did some Pinterest searching and thinking out if the box brainstorming, and we came up with two great ideas for the dog bed cushions. 

The bottom cushion part was pretty easy. I got four regular bed size pillows that fit on the bottom portion of the bed with some overlap. This worked out great because the pillows not only overlapped on the bottom but also covered the wooden sides adding extra comfort. My dogs are spoiled and do not like sitting or laying on anything hard. Having this overlap gave them the comfort they wanted which made for easy "human couch to dog bed" transition." For those of you who didn't read the DIY Pallet Wood - Handmade Dog Bed post, the main reason for making this bed was to get our dogs off our human couch. 

Next was the water (pee pee) proofing of the bottom pillows. I decided to buy regular sized white trash bags that one would use in the kitchen trash can. These fit the regular bed size pillows perfect. I placed each of the four pillows separating into four separate garbage bags. I folded the opening end and taped  it shut. I used packaging tape and this made the pillows water proof and easy for clean up. Just use any cleaner such as soap and water or diluted vinegar or animal cleaner to clean up any accidents on the pillow. When the bag gets destroyed, just remove it and place on another. 

Now since I figured that garbage bags aren't too comfy and would get holes in them from the dogs nails, I decided to see pillow cases for them. Now I'm sure you can use just regular pillow cases, but I wanted to bed to look presentable because it was going in my living room. I got a light blue flannel fabric and decided to see four separate pillow cases. If one gets dirty or soiled, I just remove that pillow case and wash it. Easy clean up for everyone. 

Now I could have stopped here, but when I went fabric shopping for the blue fabric, I found this very cute dog patterned fabric that matched perfectly. I had a coupon too, so I had to get it. Plus I wanted to make accent pillows for the back of the bed. These two had to be water proof and easy to clean.

I didn't have any pillow forms or poly-fil and did not want to by anymore. I wanted to keep this project under a certain price, and the fabric had made me almost reach my limit. I searched Pinterest again and found a picture of a pillow made from plastic bags. I said, "I can do that" and I did.

First I got about 20 regular sized grocery store bags. This made the inside of the pillows. I made 3 all together. I used a thicker plastic bag that I got from a retail type store for the outside bag. I figured a thicker bag would hold up a little better. If you don't have a thicker retail bag, a small garbage style bag would work as well.

I stuffed the 20 or so bags into the thicker retail bag. I then tied the handles together, formed it into a square pillow shape, and then taped the bag shut. This was my base form for the pillows. I was surprised at how they actually looked the shape of a pillow without that much forming on my part.

I then stuck it into another plastic bag which will be the outer plastic layer that will be thrown out and changed if it gets soiled or ruined. 

The last part was to make these plastic bag pillows look pretty and presentable, Oh and comfortable for the pups. I took that cute fabric I had bought, cut out my length for the size of the pillow case and turned it inside out so the non decorative side faced me. 

I pinned the ends together and folded the edges so they wouldn't fray. I also use a fray glue for extra non fraying hold. They sell it at places like Jo Ann Fabrics. 

Next sew the edges closed but make sure to keep the opening edge opened when sewing because you need a place to stick the pillow into. Think of how a pillow case works. 

If you need more info or step by step directions on how to sew a pillow case, google has so many tutorials and so does youtube. I recommend researching DIY pillow case or free pillow case patterns.

When the fabric is completely sewn (either by hand or on a machine) it is time too turn it right side up with the fabric on the outside. Stuff the pillow cases, one with each pillow, and you're done.

The finished product came out so nice and they served their purpose of easy clean up, water (pee pee) proof, affordable, and comfy.

DIY Pallet Wood - Handmade Dog Bed

As a fur mom to four animals (two cats and two Rotties) one must get creative when it comes to keeping the animal sleeping areas clean. I found myself washing blankets, pillows, and my couch almost everyday, especially because of the dogs. I decided enough was enough.

I wanted my couch back and I didn't want to do dog laundry everyday anymore. Plus I wanted to be able to sit on my couch without getting that Rottie look of, "What the heck do you think you're doing? This is my couch. You have a perfectly good floor." Anyone who has a Rottie knows that look, followed by the not moving off the couch. Lol

I needed to come up with a way to get them off the couch that they have been sleeping on and were used too. Remember... teaching an old dog new tricks is hard, teaching a Rottie to not sleep on a couch is even harder. 

My husband and I decided to make a bed for the dogs. One that was sturdy, off the ground like a couch, cheap and easy to make, and it had to be water / pee pee proof. Our older dog, the mother of our younger dog, has minor incontinence which is when she has small pee accidents. 

I searched online and on Pinterest. I found so many ideas but one idea popped. Making the bed out of pallet wood. It was perfect since I had a ton of pallets in my garage from another project, plus it's cheap and easy to make things out of pallets. There are so many tutorials, ideas, and DIY online for help as well. 

We first cut the pallet in half for the bottom base of the bed. We added extra pallet pieces to the frame for extra support. The sides and back were cut and screwed into place.

We do have a circular saw and electric drill which is a must when building this bed. Once the bed was made, I painted it with interior semi gloss paint and sealed it. I had extra paint in my basement from a room in my house, but the semi gloss is good for washing up messes. All together the bed measured 50 inches long and 24 in width. The back and sides were about 12 inches in height. The bottom base was about 3 inches in size which was thick enough for support. 

We attached roller style wheels to the four corners of the bottom. This allows us to move the bed easily and it also lifts the wood bed off the floor resembling a couch. Making it look and seem like a couch was a huge concern for us to make an easy adjustment from human couch to dig couch bed.

The pillows were another challenge, but will a little creativity, we conquered that as well.

- Read about the pillows and cushions in the post Plastic Bag and Fabric Pillows.

DIY Yarn Wreaths and Crafting Day

A friend of mine, Kelly O'Connell from the blog A Beautiful Disaster, came over last week for a craft day. She saw these DIY yarn wreaths online, so after a fun shopping spree at Jo ann Fabrics, we decided to give these wreaths a try.

Now I am new to working with yarn and this as my first yarn wreath, so my yarn kept getting a little tangled. After working on the wreath though, I started getting the hang of it. I would say that this is a pretty easy craft project and child friendly.

What we bought and the materials needed for this project were very simple. We purchased two hard foam wreath circles. They have different shapes, sizes, and materials that these wreath bases are made from. Get which ever you feel will fit your design and theme. We also bought yarn in four colors for the designs we were doing. These wreaths are for Spring and Summer, so we chose bright colorful yarn and accessories such as flowers and butterflies.

To start the wreath, we cut a very long piece of yarn. I tied the yarn on and started wrapping the yarn around the foam base. When I got to the end of the yarn piece, I hot glued it to the foam. I just rotated colors out for the multicolor wreath pattern. I also used two layers of yarn for each color. The knots are small enough to just wrap over with more yarn. The green and yellow wreath started the same way with a knot, but the two colors where held and wrapped together to form the pattern.

If you do not want to use a hot glue gun or are doing this with children, I would just knot both ends. The glue gun was not really needed for the yarn part, but we had it out so we used it.

To attach the flowers and butterfly, a hot glue gun must be used. So again, if working with children I would recommend having an adult help with that part. The butterflies did have clips, but they were not sturdy enough the stay on without glue.  

Over all, I think these DIY Yarn Wreaths are so creative, easy, and cute for any occasion. Let your creative juices flow!

Wearable Art Fashion Show

This is the second year that I am participating in a Wearable Art Fashion style show. For those of you wondering what a show like this is all about, you are not alone. Last year was the first time I heard about one of these events, and I knew I had to learn more and try it out for myself.

Like a normal fashion show these events involve designers, stylists, models, music, a runway, and a crazy backstage with everyone running around. What makes this style show different, is that the outfits are made from whatever your little artistic self can make them out of. This includes recycled materials such as bottle caps and newspaper, body art and paint, flower dresses made from coffee filters and magazines, and much more. The model is a walking canvas for the artist / designer to create a Wearable Art masterpiece.

The photo included is of last years event Evolution and was help at the historical Tonawanda Castle. It was such a beautiful venue with its old charm and history.

This year Evolution ZEN will be held at the Center for the Arts which is the University of Buffalo. It should make for a great night.

Resume, Art Show, & Festivals for Julia Finucane

Resume and Exhibits for Julia Finucane.

-Professional Artist - Fantasy, Lowbrow, & Whimsical Art.
-Owner of Two Cats Witchery - Handmade Metaphysical & Spiritual goods specializing in herbalism & apothecary.
-Teacher: Tarot and Spirituality
-Director of Marketing for Impact Artists Gallery, Buffalo NY
-Committee member for Evolution, New York's largest Wearable Art Fashion Show
-Team Leader of the Witches of Etsy Team (The largest team of its kind on Etsy)

Gallery Representation
Impact Artist Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Gallery Member, Artist & Director of Marketing & PR
Impact Artists Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Gallery Member, Artist, & Director of Marketing & PR
Love, Light, and Magick, Buffalo NY. Hertel Ave
Evolution Wearable Arts fashion show
Impact Artists Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Gallery Member, Artist, Director of Marketing & PR, & Gallery Volunteer
464 Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Gallery Member & Artist.
Love, Light, and Magick, Buffalo NY. 1374 Hertel ave
Member of ELAB: Emerging Leaders in the Arts Buffalo
Impact Artists Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Gallery Member, Artist, Director of Marketing & PR, & Gallery Volunteer
464 Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Gallery Member & Artist
Member of ELAB: Emerging Leaders in the Arts Buffalo
464 Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Gallery Member & Artist
Impact Artist Gallery, Buffalo NY. Gallery Member, Artist, & Gallery Volunteer

State University College at Buffalo State, New York
Masters of Science in Educational Computing (Computer and Web site Design), August 2008
-GPA: 3.87/4.0; Dean’s List
State University College at Buffalo State, New York
Bachelor of Science in Art Education (Fine Arts and Design), December 2005
-GPA: 3.42/4.0; Dean’s List
New York State Certification in Art Education (Birth - Grade 12), 2007 - present

Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Members show, (Closing Exhibit). May
Briarwood Country club, Hamburg NY. Boys and Girls club fundraiser, (Fashion Show). April 23
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Members show, (Color Exhibit). April
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Members show, (Interact Exhibit). March
Madd Tikki Luau, Buffalo NY. Madd Tikki Luau Party, (Fashion Show). February
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Members show, (Peace Project Exhibit). February
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Avant - New Beginnings, Grand Opening Exhibit. January 8
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Members Show, (Avant) Exhibit. January 8
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Members Show, Holiday Festival. December
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Members Farewell Show, Art Exhibit. June
Love, Light & Magick, Buffalo NY. Solo Art Exhibit, Art Exhibit. May 2
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Members show, Art Exhibit. April 24
UB Center for the Arts, Amherst NY. Evolution ZEN(Juried) Wearable Art Fashion Show designer. April 17
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Beyond Reality - Fantasy Exhibit (Juried), Artist and Co- Chair of exhibit. February 27
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. 10x10 for $20 Fundraiser, Art Exhibit & Fundraiser, January 23
Wine on Third, Niagara Falls NY. Impact Exhibit at Wine on 3rd, Art Exhibit, January 22
464 Gallery, Buffalo NY. Gifted, Holiday Art Exhibit, December 5-24
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Light up the Season, Art Exhibit & Holiday Show, Nov 19 - Dec 19
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. MUSE, Art Exhibit (Juried) , September 26
464 Gallery, Buffalo NY. Member Show, Art Exhibit, September 12
Impact Gallery Temporary Anex, Niagara Falls NY. Fourth Friday in the FallsArt Exhibit & Fundraiser, August 22
Urban Roots Garden Center, Buffalo NY. Oasis Garden Walk Show(Juried) Art Exhibit, July 26
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Empower Members Show, Art Exhibit, July 9 - August 29
City of Night @ Silo City, Buffalo, NY. 3rd Annual City Of Night, Celebration of Buffalo, June 27-28 Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Fine Art, Health and Healing, Art Exhibit & Fair, April 30 - June 28
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Diverse Dimentional Paper & Sculpture, Art Exhibit (Juried), March 5 - April 25
Fantasy Artists of Etsy, Lucky Charms. (http://faeteam.blogspot.com/p/exhibition.html) Feb
Fantasy Artists of Etsy, On Enchanted Wings. (http://faeteam.blogspot.com/p/exhibition.html) Jan
Fantasy Artists of Etsy, Druids & Dryads. (http://faeteam.blogspot.com/p/exhibition.html) Dec
464 Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Gifted. Holiday Market Show (Juried), December 6 - 24
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Holiday Market, Fourth Friday & Open Studios, November 22 - December 21
464 Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Monsters 3.0. Halloween Show (Juried), October 25 - November 6
Iprintfromhome Celebration, Gallery show (Juried) & Open House, Kenmore NY, Celebrate Iprintfromhome, September 11
City of Night @ Silo City, Buffalo, NY. 2nd Annual City Of Night, Celebration of Buffalo, August 17
464 Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Surge. 5th Annual Members Show, August 3-14
Rediscover Blackrock Association -  Buffalo, NY. Discover Amherst Street Festival. Gallery Artist at 464 Gallery, June 15
Fantasy Artists of Etsy, Beltane Beauties. (http://faeteam.blogspot.com/p/exhibition.html) April
Fantasy Artists of Etsy, Trinkets & Toadstools. (http://faeteam.blogspot.com/p/exhibition.html) February
Fencon - Crowne Plaza North Dallas/Galleria, Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas. Fencon IX. Convention, September 21 - 23
Convergence - Double Tree Bloomington Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Convergence 2012. Convention, July 5 - 8
CONduit - Downtown Radisson, Salt Lake City, Utah. CONduit 22: Time Lords of CONduit. Convention, May 25 - 27
Balticon - Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn, Baltimore, MD. Balticon 46. Convention, May 25 - 28
Eeriecon - Days Inn at the Falls, Niagara Falls, NY. Eeriecon 14. Convention, April 29 - 27
Fantasy Artists of Etsy, Enchanted Awakening. (http://faeteam.blogspot.com/p/exhibition.html) December
Art School Grad Team, Silent Reflection. (http://artschoolgrad.blogspot.com/2012/02/silent-reflection-februarys-asg-exhibit.html) February
Art School Grad Team, Love. (http://artschoolgrad.blogspot.com/2012/01/love-januarys-virtual-gallery.html) January
Fantasy Artists of Etsy, On Winters Glistening Wings. (http://faeteam.blogspot.com/p/exhibition.html) December
Fantasy Artists of Etsy, Midnight Dark and Dreary. (http://faeteam.blogspot.com/p/exhibition.html) October
Artwanted, Haunted House. (http://www.ArtWanted.com/Browse/HauntedHouse) September 30 - October 31
Fantasy Artists of Etsy, Sirens Song. (http://faeteam.blogspot.com/p/exhibition.html) August
Fantasy Artists of Etsy, Return to Renaissance. (http://faeteam.blogspot.com/p/exhibition.html) June
Fantasy Artists of Etsy, Fairies, Elves, Pixies, Oh My. (http://faeteam.blogspot.com/p/exhibition.html) April
Faeries and Enchantment online gallery, Solstice and Yule Faerie Art. (www.faemagazine.com) December
Campos Photography Center, Buffalo, NY. Unveiling the Winning Images. Group show (Juried), December 1 - January 21
Artwanted, Haunted House. (http://www.ArtWanted.com/Browse/HauntedHouse) September 30 - October 31
Buffalo Indie Market, Buffalo, NY. BIM's Buffalo Loves Handmade Artist Market (Juried). February 6
Artwanted, Haunted House. (http://www.ArtWanted.com/Browse/HauntedHouse) September 30 - October 31
Cosmopolitan Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York. Hells Commissary Halloween Show (Juried)October 31 - December, Group Show
Upton Gallery, Buffalo, New York. Upton Fine Arts Show. Spring, Group Show
Upton Gallery, Buffalo, New York. Upton Fine Arts Graduates Show. Spring, Group Show
Upton Gallery, Buffalo, New York. Upton Fine Arts Show. Spring, Group Show
Upton Gallery, Buffalo, New York. Upton Art Education Show. Spring, Group Show
Upton Gallery, Buffalo, New York. Upton Design Show. Fall, Group Show
Barnes and Noble Book Store, Buffalo, New York. Barnes and Noble Student Photgraphy Art Show. Spring, Group Show (Juried)

Awards and Contest Wins:
Iprintfromhome (Compos Group), Buffalo, New York. iPrintfromHome Paper Sampler and Calibration Kit Contest. Winner
Art School Grad, http://artschoolgrad.blogspot.com. Line and Lyric Contest. April - May, Winner
Iprintfromhome (Compos Group), Buffalo, New York. iPrintfromHome Paper Sampler and Calibration Kit Contest. September - October, Winner: 1 of the 8 winners
State University College at Buffalo State, Buffalo, New York. Outstanding Service Learning Award. Spring, Award
State University College at Buffalo State, Buffalo, New York. Caccamo Art Education Award. Fall, Honorable Mention

Festival & Gallery Show Appearances:
Pagan Pride Day Festival, Buffalo NY. Vendor Table, September
Wearable Art Fashion Show @ UB Center for the Arts, Amherst NY. Evolution ZEN, April 1
10x10 for $20 Fundraiser, Impact Artist Gallery, Buffalo NY. Art Exhibit and Fundraiser, January 23
Veterans Art Festival & Car Show @ Niawanda Park, City of Tonawanda. American Legion Art & Car show, August 31
City of Night @ Silo City, Buffalo, NY. 3rd Annual City Of Night, Celebration of Buffalo, June 27-28
Impact Gallery, Buffalo NY. Fine Art, Health and Healing, Art Exhibit & Fair, April 30 - June 28
Buffalo Womens Gifts Show in Asbury Hall at Babeville (Juried), Buffalo NY, Vendor Table. November 16
Veterans Art Festival & Car Show @ Niawanda Park, City of Tonawanda, NY, Vendor Booth. September 2
Steampunk Festival @ Lenard Oaks Estate Winery, Medina NY, Art Show Artist. August 31
City of Night @ Silo City, Buffalo, NY. Celebration of Buffalo, Art Show Artist. August 17
464 Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Surge - 5th Annual Members Show, Art Show Artist. August 3-14 
Art Sale & Yard Sale @ The Fisher Estate, City of Tonawanda, NY. Vendor Booth. July 22
TechNoir & FTMP Present The Alternative Garage Sale, Buffalo, NY. Vendor table. July 14
Discover Amherst Street Festival, Buffalo, NY. Vendor Booth. June 15
New York City Art Vendor, New York, NY. Fine Arts table. May
New York City Art Vendor, New York, NY. Fine Arts table. July
New York City Art Vendor, New York, NY. Fine Arts Table. August
New York City Art Vendor, New York, NY. Fine Arts table. April
New York City Art Vendor, New York, NY. Fine Arts table. March
Campos Photography Center, Buffalo, NY. Art Show Artist (Juried). December 1
New York City Art Vendor, New York, NY. Fine Arts table. June
New York City Art Vendor, New York, NY. Fine Arts table. March
Buffalo Indie Market, Buffalo, NY. Indie Festival Table. February 6
Cosmopolitan Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York. Halloween Art Show artist, October 31
Upton Gallery, Buffalo, New York. Group show artist, Spring
Upton Gallery, Buffalo, New York. Group show artist, Spring
Elmwood Art Festival, Buffalo, NY. Festival Artist: Face Painter, August
Upton Gallery, Buffalo, New York. Group show artist, Spring
Upton Gallery, Buffalo, New York. Group show artist, Spring
Upton Gallery, Buffalo, New York. Group show artist, Fall

Witches of Etsy newsletter, Samhain Edition, October issue; The history of the Jack O Lantern article
Witches of Etsy newsletter, Ostara Edition, February - March issue; Dandolion flower for Ostara article
Impact Artist Gallery, Beyond Reality Fantasy Exhibit, Postcard & Banner Logo
Evolution, Wear Art meets Fashion, Wearable art show booklet, April
City of Night at Silo City, Magazine & Catalogue, Event edition
Artvoice - Buffalo, NY arts & culture paper, "City of Night", July edition
Artvoice.com, "City of Night", July online edition
Evolution, Wear Art meets Fashion, Wearable art show booklet, April
Iprintfromhome (Compos Group), "Paper Sampler & Calibration Kit Contest", September 2013- 2014
City of Night at Silo City, Magazine & Catalogue, Event edition
Artvoice - Buffalo, NY arts & culture paper, "City of Night", August edition
Artvoice.com, "City of Night", August online edition
Julia's First Art Book, "Fantasy & Fairy Tales: The Art of Julia Finucane", Lulu Publications, published February, First Edition
Artwanted.com, "Artwanted 2012 art calendar", Holly Berry Birds on February 8,
Iprintfromhome (Compos Group), "Paper Sampler and Calibration Kit Contest", October 2010-2011
Megan's Creative Blog, "Fridays Featured Seller" (http://megansbeadeddesigns.wordpress.com/2011/11/25/fantasy-art-for-fridays-featured-seller/) November, 25
Allison Weeks Thomas "Artist du Jour"(http://allisonweeksthomas.com/?p=1121) May
Art School Grad, "APRIL's Line and Lyric WINNER IS... Julia Finucane" (http://artschoolgrad.blogspot.com/2011/05/aprils-line-and-lyric-winner-is-julia.html)
April - May
Silja Erg Art blog, "Featured Artist of the Day: Julia Finucane" (www.5erg.com) March 30
FAE – Faeries and Enchantment online gallery, "Solstice and Yule Faerie Art Gallery" (www.faemagazine.com) December
Pink Noise Art Zine #4, "Spotlight on Julia Finucane", pp. 42-45, September
Iprintfromhome (Compos Group), "Paper Sampler and Calibration Kit Contest", October 2010-2011
Pink Noise Art Zine #3, "Artist Images: Julia Finucane", pp. 34-35, August
Pink Noise Art online Website, "Featured Fine Artist: Julia Finucane" (pinknoise.katierobinson.co.nz) June
Iprintfromhome Artist Interviews, "What, How & Why - A Closer Look: Julia Finucane" (www.iprintfromhome.com) March
Buffalo Rising, "BIM's Buffalo Loves Handmade Artist Market", February 5
Needles and Jewels, "Featured Etsian: Julia Finucane" (needlesandjewels.blogspot.com) November
Artwanted, "Haunted House" (http://www.ArtWanted.com/Browse/HauntedHouse) September 30 - October 31
Doodle Page, "Featured Fine Artist: Julia Finucane" (showinoff.blogspot.com) April

Lectures, Teaching, Spiritual & Art Spotlight Events:
Missjuliaart Youtube Channel, Video Creation, Spiritual / Reading & Art advice series. January - December
Missjuliaart Youtube Channel, Video Creation, Spiritual / Reading & Art advice series. January - December
Missjuliaart Youtube Channel, Video Creation, Spiritual / Reading & Art advice series. January - December
Missjuliaart Youtube Channel, Video Creation, Spiritual / Reading & Art advice series. January - December
Pink Noise, Art Zine, Artist Interview & spolight series. September
Iprintfromhome Printing Company: The Compos Group, Art Kit Gallery Show Event. October
Needles & Jewels, Online publication, Artist Interview & spotlight. November
Buffalo Public School #56, Buffalo, NY. Middle School Art Teacher. October - December
Buffalo Public School #64, Buffalo, NY. Pre K & Kindergarten Art Teacher. October - December
Forest Elementary School, Williamsville, NY. Elementary Art Teacher. September - October
Buffalo Public School #74, Buffalo, NY. Elementary Art Teacher. Spring
Aspire WNY Children's Center, Cheektowaga, NY. Special needs Teachers Aid. Spring
Westside Community Center, Buffalo, NY. Art Teacher & counselor. Spring
Audubon Senior Services, Williamsville, NY. Senior citizen arts & crafts aid.
1997 - 2000
North Buffalo Community Center, Buffalo NY. Summer counselor: Arts & Crafts room. July - August