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Merry Yule and a New Moon

Yesterday was Yule (Yuletide) or the Winter Solstice as many call it. Not only the longest night and darkest / shortest day of the year, it is a time for celebrating the winter season, the coming of the sun again, new beginnings, Love and tradition, and for me the upcoming New Years. It was a special day as well due to the New Moon falling on Yule. Some people choose to rest and relax on a New Moon, but for many The New Moon is a time to start new projects and list goals. This is a perfect time to do the goal and list thing this year.

So what are my goals that I set for this Yule? Well, one was to start writing in this blog more (my last post was in February) and keep the arts and crafts updates coming. To create and make knew products and to paint as much as possible. Simple goals for my business that I can keep up with.

Many of our ancestors celebrated this religious and way of life Holiday. Usually falling on December 21 and known as Solstice Night, they celebrated the "rebirth" of the sun (Oak King, Sun King) which gave warmth and light to the days, an essential part of life. Without the sun, crops and farms would not survive.

Bonfires were lit and gifts of cider, apples, and oranges (representing the sun) were given. Different symbolic elements were used, many in which we still incorporate into our winter holiday celebrations today. The Evergreen is a symbol for immortality because it does not die in the cold harsh winter months, it simply becomes dormant waiting for the return of the sun and warmer weather. Wheat Stalks were used to wish for a represent a good harvest and Flour meant light and life.

Holly and Ivy were used to decorate, but these plants also represented the hope that Nature Sprites would come and join the in the festivities. Holly, a masculine plant, was not only used during this time, but was also kept all year long near the door as an invitation for good fortune. Holly also is a symbol for The Holly King and the Oak King which are a huge part of Celtic/Pagan mythology.

Today's use of Santa Claus incorporates the Holly King, as well as Saint Nicholas and a few others into his current character, and one that I really enjoy. In my opinion, why celebrate just one tradition when we can celebrate many. I see so many people in many religions get so mad because one stole the others traditions and they all feel that their beliefs are right. Although it's nice to see passion for one beliefs, I feel that instead of always fighting over who stole who and who is right, wrong, or evil.. We should try and embrace each other and understand each other instead. I mean most of our traditions come from similar places anyway. I don't agree with the fighting or name calling or the judgmental prejudices we have for each other, and it does go all ways. So now that I totally went off on a tangent, I will get back to Yule with Mistletoe.

Mistletoe (a common plant used today for our winter celebrations) was also hung to represented the feminine side and the seed of the Divine Mother and Goddess. A symbol of peace and goodwill, the Druids would travel deep into the forest to harvest this special plant. According to ancient Druid tradition, Mistletoe was the most sacred plant and was used in a priesthood ceremony held five days after the New Moon following winter solstice. The priests would harvest the branches and give the people sprigs to hang them over doorways for protection. Although Mistletoe has a broad range of symbolism, the most common symbol is that of fertility and love.

Lastly the Yule log, which is still used by many today, was the highlight of the celebration. The log was either harvested from the home owners land or given as a gift. It would be placed in the fireplace and decorated in seasonal greenery, cider or ale, and dusted with flour. The log would be lit with a piece of last years log, and would burn throughout the night bringing light into the home at Solstice.

Well, I hope that everyone has a wonderful Holiday no matter what you celebrate. For me, this is a fun time of the year because I celebrate not only Yule, but Christmas too. No matter what you celebrate,
one should always focus on family, love, and the fact that every ending is a new beginning.

~ Happy Holidays

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