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DIY Reupholster of a Throne Style Chair

I have always wanted a throne style chair, so when I saw this one at a yard sale for $20, I had to get it. I am not a huge fan of the color orange and the gold was chipping away on the arms and legs, I decided that I had to reupholster the whole thing. Not as easy as I thought and I am still at the painting process.

First I washed the arms and legs. I them vacuumed the fabric and cleaned the spots that looked nasty with oldness. I am planning on doing a easy DIY job and chose to keep the fabric on. I am just hoping I can go over the old fabric. We will see. After I cleaned the fabric, Penelope (my cat) decided she liked the chair better when it was dirty. She got it nice and covered in fur (now its ready for paint).

I bought new padding for the cushion part and I purchased upholster fabric in a blue and gold vintage fabric. I am currently painting the gold wooden parts with white paint and I am planning on glazing it to look antiqued. This is as far as I got so far. I will take more pictures as I go and update everyone on the process.

Wish me Luck =)

Home Cleansing Oil for Blessings & Room Clearing

Home Blessing oil is used to protect, bless, and cleanse ones home. Protect against negative energy and to let positive and good energy in. This oil can be placed on a doorway, windows, to anoint candles for blessings, and on oneself. Use during prayer and when you are blessing your home. I bless and cleanse my home on a monthly basis. This is becoming more popular now adays, but has been done by many cultures and spiritual paths for centuries.

I make this oil in my home kitchen. I use a mixture of dried herbs from my garden, spices, roots, & oil. I make all oils to order. These oils come in a 1.2 oz (35ml) bottle. They will last along time. Oils are used in many different cultures and spiritual paths.

~ Many oils available in the website shop Two Cats Witchery.

Sweetgrass Braid - Smudging Herb for Protection

 Use Sweetgrass Braids as a Smudging Herb for protection, home blessing, energy cleansing, to remove negative energy, banishing, and to bring peace & harmony in. Many people, including myself, use sweetgrass to bless & clear away negative energy in a house, office space, ones self, or spiritual tools (crystals, Tarot cards, crystal balls, etc.) Thess braids also look nice hanging from a window or shelf. It brings the outdoors in.

This is a handmade braid made from sweetgrass grown in my garden. Braided with thread, I hand cut, wash, and braid special for my customers. All are around 18 - 21 inches long.

Sweetgrass is usually uses for spiritual, metaphysical, and energy use. NOT for consumption (eat) sweetgrass. You can purchase sweetgrass and many herbs in my herbs section on Two Cats Witchery.

~ I do custom orders on all items if needed.

Garden Sage Herbs

Garden sage is uses for spiritual, metaphysical, and energy use. Use Garden Sage (Salvia officinalis) for protection, warding off the evil eye, smudge, banishing, harmony, purification, wisdom, wishes, and healing alchemy.

People also use sage to bless & clear away negative energy in a house, office space, ones self, or spiritual tools (crystals, Tarot cards, crystal balls, wands, etc.) This is done by lighting the herb like you would light incense. Blow out the flames and let the smoke bless the area or tool you want cleansed.

Sage is usually SAFE to eat, but not all herb blends are. Some people use sage on chicken or fish. 

This sage is grown in my garden where I cut, dry out, hand mix, and package up in a 3 x 3 inch bag, made special for each customer.