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Soulmate vs Twin Flame Relationships

We all here a lot about the word soulmate. Everyone wants to find their soulmate, but what and who is this soulmate? How do we find, recognize, and love this person? We all want that special person that will balance out and make our lives complete. For many this is a difficult task already, then someone will talk about and complicate matters with another phrase or term of a Twin Flame. While both of these phrases are used together, they are two separate and different things.

Now I get this question a lot, so I wanted to first explain what each phrase means, and then I wantedto give my intake on it.

So what is a soulmate? A soulmate is a soul or spirit that is spiritually connected to your soul or spirit. We all have a soul or an energy, that is connected to other souls or energies. A spirit, energy, and soul are the same. Now we look at the mate part. What is a mate? A mate is someone who is in a relationship with us. A good friend, a family member, a co-worker, a lover, a pet. All can be a soulmate.

People tend to believe and misunderstand that a soulmate has to be only a romantic partner. This is not true and definately not the case. A soulmate is someone who is connected to you. Soulmates often agree to come into this lifetime together, to help each other learn different lessons while in this lifetime and on this earth. This pattern can continue and will continue throughout the many lives we live until all our lessons are learned. The goal is to have a balance, and to learn as much from eachother so our souls can grow.

Ok so how do we know who our soulmates are? Well we can can many soulmates.. 1, 5, 10, 20. Think of all those close relationships, both good and bad. Yes an enemy can be a soulmate if you learn from eachother. Think of those bonds you have with people. Maybe you are so close to a friend that she feels like she if family, a sister, part of you. Think about those people that you met once and became lifelong friends. These are the deeper connections, the ones you learn from, the ones you teach, that soul connection. A soulmate is a kindred spirit. This can be romantic or not.

So what is a Twin Flame? The phrase twin flame came to be discovered by ancient philosophers and spiritual believers. At the moment in which the soul or spirit was created, this one soul split into two halves. One being that of a masculine energy and the other being feminine. They are the true definition of your mirror self or your opposite. A twin flame is the other half of your soul or your one true or ultimate soulmate. Even though you can have many soulmates, you can only have one twin flame.

Twin flames don’t usually choose to share the same lifetime together. One will incarnate into this lifetime, while the other soul will stay in the spirit plane and assists from there. As your soul grows and learns the lessons and that other soul does the same, the time may come for both to reunite on the earth plane. This soul can be of either sex, but will be the opposite of your sexual energy. So if youe are a feminine energy, your twin flame will be masculine. You will balance out eachother. You will feel complete. It can be a challenge and many aspects will be difficult, but there is an unconditional love and bond.

Conclusion.. The goal of the soul is to learn as many life lessons as possible and to grow spiritually. You will have many relationships and soulmates during this journey, some romantic and some not. Learn and teach as you go through your path. Your soulmates will travel from lifetime to lifetime, growing together. Some will stay in the spiritual plane, while others will join in the earthly plane. They are there to help you towards reconnecting with your twin flame, which would be your "highest or strongest soulmate."

Now I want to say that I feel that we as people attract the same vibrations or energies as we go through our journey of live. We ultimately connect with those who are at the same vibrations or energy levels as us. So as our relationships grow, our loving relationships grow, we start to see similarities or our reflections. Many times relationships end because we are seeing a reflection of ourselves in that person, a reflection that we don't like. Many of us need to fix ourselves before we can "fix" that person. Learn to become balanced and united within yourself, and you will put those reflections and energy out, which will then bring those energies back to us. Energy attracts energy. Good energy attracts good energy and so forth. So I feel that the only soul that can make us completely balance is your own soul and the love you have for it. You can have a truely fullfilling and unconditional love "soulmate" relationship, but it starts with you first.

Thanks for reading and I hope that this answered any questions one might have on soulmates vs twin flames.