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Eagle Spirit Guide - Animal Totem - Symbolic Meaning

The eagle as a spirit guide is of very importance. It is right up there with the owl whn it comes to the symbolic meaning of the Animal Totems. The eagle is a strong and fearless bird that sends us a powerful messages, if we are open to recieving them.

If one sees an eagle, one can believe this to be a spiritual sign or message. These signes usually come in the form of dreams (both while asleep & awake), in your third eye / minds eye, in a painting or picture, through a reading, in the Tarot cards, or in nature. If one sees the eagle, look to the message it is trying to bring to you.

The eagle reminds us to sore to greater hiegthts including, to reach higher goals and gain higher knowledge. The eagle totem is a messanger from the heavens and relays messages from the spirit world. When you see this sign, a message is coing to you from the other side. Connected to the spirit of the sun, the eagle is a sign of enlightenment and strong strength. Seak out our true emotions and true feelings about the situations in life. What is for the best and will make us happy.

Involved with creativity and the creation of things, when we see the eagle, it tells us to open the creative aspects of ourselves. We may be holding these in and not expressing them enough. Write a poem or draw a picture to release the stresses in our lives.

The body characteristics of the eagle also have meanings and messages. The feet and claws are strong, reminding us to stay grounded and to stay bonded to the earth. Even when soring to those great heights, keep a strong connection to the earth. The sharp beak reminds us when to speak, how much to speak, and how strongly one should speak. This is a true sign for communication. The beautiful and long wings represent unity, balance, and equality. The two wings works together to help the eagle in daily tasks. The are a unity between the masculine and feminine energies. Lastly the feathers help in the healing of emotions and physical ailments.

Overall, the message is telling us to defeat our fears, look beyond the horizon, have faith, and strength. See and take in all things, both good and bad, and understand they are a part of this lifes journey. Trust the messages you are receiving and stay strong.