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Owl Symbolism & Meaning - Animal Spirit Guide

Owls are exotic, beautiful creatures that roam the night sky in search of their next hunt. Nocturnal and solitary animals, these birds are mystical and symbolic in many cultures.

Symbolism of the owl can range from culture to culture, but their common meanings are off wisdom, knowledge, & prophecy. Displayed as the old wise owl in many childrens stories, with glasses and reading books, these birds reinforced the idea of gaining knowlegde.

I always looked at the Owl as a true beauty, one of mystery and eerie intelligence; but I never became so aware of their qualities until earlier this year. Now I am a person who is always researching and expanding my knowledge in my lifes path and many journeys, so when I started seeing owls everywhere, I started my searching.

To explain my seeing of owls everywhere, I must mention that I don't mean I saw them flying around out my window, but I saw them symbolically. Living in a huge city, these birds don't grace their presence in our trees, those are for the pigeons and sparrows. When I say that I saw owls, I mean that I saw them in my Mind Eye or Third Eye. I saw them in my night dreams and day dreams. I saw them in my oriental carpet and on my wall. I saw them on the first pages of my husbands magazines and on social network walls. They were right in my face, all the time for 4 days. I didn't really realize that I was being sent a message, until I was woken up on the 5th morning from hearing the HOO HOO HOO's.

Being a believer of signs and symbols from the spirit world, I figured "ok, someone is trying to send me a message." I started my research that morning and found out some interesting information. I will say, once I acknowledged the signs and was delivered the message, the owl sighting, visions, and HOO's stopped.

So what symbols and signs did I find that the mighty owl represents?

In Native American culture, they represent wisdom and foresight. Owls are the keepers of sacred knowledge. Since owls are nocturnal and see winderfully in the dark, they were present, as well as symbols of them in night ceremonies. They gave power to see, hear, and gain senses in the dark.

In West African culture, the owl is known as the messanger of secrets. They are looked at as being the kin to sorcerors and the companions to seers, mystics, and witches. They were used in ceremonies and rituals as well.

In Medieval times, in Western and Central Europe; owls were believed to be witches, priestesses, and Goddesses in disguise.

Known still today as the witches familier, they are right up there with the beloved black cat. The animal soul or spirit guide is linked to these spiritual people. Bringing guiddance, help, and companionship through a unique communicative bond. Owls are honored as the keeper of the spirit, accompaning them to the other world. Winged with new souls, leading them from earth to the spirit world. With wisdom, knowledge, mystisism, mystery transition, protection, secrets, messages, and intelligence; the owl is one immense helper.

So what do I believe my message was? Well I think it was a combination of the many. The spirit world is telling me to continue to open my intuition, to continue to gain knowledge, and to continue to research. I am a very spiritual person and I always keep my eyes open for signs, symbols, and messages from the other world. I believe the owl is one of my Animal spirit guides, bringing messages when I am in need. This animal guide will keep my secrets, will remind me that I am on the correct spiritual path for me to be on, and to continue gaining and stregnthening my intuition and skills.

I haven't seen or heard the owl again, but I feel this is because I recieved the message. When it's time for another or if I fall of track, I know the owl will be right back in my face letting me know.