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Black Cat Oil - Metaphysical Ritual Supplies

Black Cat Oil has been used by many culture for ritual & spiritual use. Used for reversing bad luck, drawing in money & love, Hex or curse breaking, and to bring postive energy into your life. It is known as the gamblers oil, and is used to bring good fortune & luck to those who carry it.

Black Cat oil is also used to honor the feline Egyptian Goddess Bast, (also known as Bastet). Originally Bast was viewed as the protector Goddess or the defender of the pharaoh. Later, Bast began to be represented as a woman with the head of a cat and emerged as the Egyptian cat-goddess.

I make this Oil in my home kitchen. I use a mixture of herbs, oil, & black cat hair which is a must for this oil. I put my energy, love, and intent into every batch. Made to order, special for you.

My Black Cat oil comes in a 1.2 oz (35ml) dark colored bottle. I handmake and prepare for you using my knowledge.

The black kitten shown is my cat Penelope, which the black hair for this oil comes from. She is a good sport and posed for the pictures (for some chicken treats of course).

Black Cat hair is the main and most important ingredient for this oil, in my opinion. Black cats are beautiful exotic looking creatures that bring good luck, not the steriotypical bad luck that so many believe. In the Old Country & Old Traditional ways, black cats are the bringers of GOOD LUCK and prosperity.

This oil is used only for spiritual use. For anointing candles or self during rituals. Can be carried in your pocket or purse when one is in need of some luck. Goes along way so use sparingly. NOT for consumption.

All of my spiritual supplies & metaphysical items are put together with love, my intuition, power of intent and a blessing. Ready for your use, all in my shop Two Cats Witchery.