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Crystal Ball Fairy & Space Queen Paintings

I have two new paintings that I wanted to share with everyone. The first painting is titled Crystal Ball Fairy and is the piece that is being debuted in my art book, Fantasy & Fairy Tales: Art of Julia Finucane.

A beautiful fairy with big eyes, jet black hair, and golden wings. She holds a crystal ball in her tiny hands dreaming about her future. The painting is 8x10 inches on canvas board. Painted in acrylic paints, then varnished for protection of worldly elements.

Available in 4 differents style prints, they can be viewed and purchased in my Fairy Art & Mermaid Art gallery.
The 2nd image is titled Space Queen and is my very first space themed painting. I have started placing my artwork in Fantasy / Sci fi Conventions, so I wanted to do a series of space related pieces. I plan on doing many more and already have 2 more sketched out. My next is going to be a mermaid & space combination.

Space Queen is also 8x10 inches, painted with acrylics on canvas board and varnished. Available as well in all 4 print styles. They can be viewed and purchased in my shop Two Cats Witchery. The original is also available for sale.

Space Queen - Works In Progress (WIP) - Fantasy Painting

I wanted to share my latest Works in Progress (WIP) painting that I am currently working on.

The painting is space themed and will be titled "Space Queen." Done in acrylic paints on 8" x 10" canvas board, it is my first space / sci fi piece.

Always being fascinated with stars, planets, and outer space; I am excited about my new space series of paintings.

Space and other art prints available in the art sale section on this website.

I am also branching out into the Fantasy / Sci fi  convention world, so this is a perfect time to start creating these pieces.

Like every artwork I create, I started out with a rough sketch and idea. That sketch became a final sketch which I then transfered onto the canvas.

I then painted the first layer of the background and started the dress.

I hope to have this finished within a few days and will post more updates soon.