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Salem, Massachusetts Weekend Trip

In October, my husband and I visited the historical town of Salem, Massachusetts. This was a perfect time to visit for a weekend trip. Being so close to Halloween, Salem puts on many events and has xtended hours for museums. In the middle of town, an arts and crafts festival runs the whole month of October. 
We stayed at the very old, very haunted, and very beautiful Hawthorne Inn. This hotel was right in the center of town, close to everything, and allowed our dog. Usually they are booked solid a year in advance during this time, but we got lucky with someone canceling. I was kind of scared when we checked in, I did not want to be on the 6th floor. That is the haunted floor, and if you believe like I do, it can be spooky. Well guess what, we where put on the 6th which the only floor that allowed dogs, so I had no choice. I do not really know why I was feeling uneasy, we stay at hotels that are reportedly haunted all the time. For some reason this one made me feel strange. Well we stayed the weekend, nothing to spooky happened. I did get alot of orbs in my room pictures, and the toilets (we had two bathrooms in the room) did flush on their own.

Since I haven't been to Salem since I was about 5 with my parents, I wanted to do all the museums. We went to the all the Witch museums, to many to mention. They had historical facts, info about the witch trials, and artifacts. I really enjoyed myself.

We walked around the small town taking some amazing pictures. Salem is also on the water, so they have a marina area with shops, restaurants, and boats. The town is also very dog friendly. We even took our dog to lunch with us. The allowed us to sit outside with her and even brought her treats and water. This was when I fell in love with Salem. 

Next was a little shopping. Everything was Halloween themed, so I had so much to choose from. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so I was in my glory.

We walked by the House of Green Gables. It was so beautiful and rustic. I love the look of the grey painted wood that was all around the town. I wanted to go in, but the line was long and we had so much to see and do still, so I took pictures from the outside. 

I told my husband that next time we visit, I am making room in our schedule and am going in the House of Green Gables for the tour. 

Now Salem is still a very large witch community which gives the town some great culture. The police logo showed their pride with having a witch  in the middle. My husband thought it was very cool, so he took a picture. He also bought a patch and a sticker for himself.

Salem also had a nice brewery and since it was the Fall season, they had some really good seasonal beers available. We bought a sampler, which was a tray of 5 different samples of the beer they made at the brewery. They were all very good.

Salem also has some old cemetaries and one was around the corner from the brewery, so I had to go. I should say that the town is small so everything is walking distance. You do not have to drive until you leave to go home.

Now back to the cemetary. When we got there a tour was going on so there were alot of people. This made it hard to take pictures, but I did get to hear some of the stories the tour guide was telling. This cemetary was alos right in the middle of town, plus the festival was going on, so it was packed. I did manage to get a few pictures without anyone in them.

The gravestone were very old and faded which made it hard to read the words. One flat tomb was slightly pushed open. The stone was also very thin which probably isn't good for preserving  them.

Well that was most of our wonderful trip to Salem and we loved it. My husband actually just checked the hotel last night. We were to late though, all is booked up. hopefully we will get lucky again and someone will cancel.