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Bethlehem Pennsylvania Weekend Trip

Back in October my husband and I took a weekend trip to the historical town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I really love small old towns, and kept hearing the advertisements about this place. I was not disappointed.

This town was everything one might look for when visiting a historical town. The old world charm and architecture where still present. The friendly people, little shops, museums, and couble stone added to the experience. It felt like I stepped back in time.

The first stop we made was to an old book store that sold limited edition and antique books. The plaque on the door said that the building was one of the first built. I found a book that made me excited. It was a limited edition Harry Potter book writen in an English dialect. I wanted it, but it was out of my price range.

We then walked around the town and found a place to eat, the Bethlehem Brew house. It was very good with great beer as well. Then for dessert was a local chocolate shop with all homemade truffles and goodies.

The towns people were very friendly. They told us the story about how the town was founded by a religous community and pointed us in the direction to the original church.

We were then led on our way to one of the original plantations. When we got to the plantation, the farm workers had the resident horses out running. These horses where police officers and very friendly with people. They came right up to me which was amazing.

Before we left Bethlehem to drive back home we visited the towns first cemetary. I am one of those people who love old cemetaries. Even as a child I found these old stone graves to be fastinating. My father would take me to visit old cemetaries when visiting places on our trips. New Orleans was one of my favorite places to see these cementaries. These top the list of great cemetaries because they are so unique.

Finding and photographing these cemetaries has become a must do thing of mine whenever I visit a place. This cemetary is still used today, but also had many of the towns founders buried there. It was a very beautiful and peaceful place to see.

As we drove away I told my husband I had to take one more picture. Now Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is an old town that made much of its money from the steel mill factories. Like my home town of Buffalo NY, Bethlehem has many of these factories that are still there. They are not in use anymore but these structures are now used as a preservation type museum, music and arts venue, and casino.

Our weekend trip was so wonderful and one to remember. We are planning on goin again soon. Thank you Bethlehem for a great time.