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A Beautiful Disaster - Makeup Fashion Blog

Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce you to my dear friend Kelly and her new blog, A Beautiful Disaster.  This is her first blog, and with two posts. it is already a great read. She is a lover of books, art, nature, makeup, and fashion (just to name a few).

Her first two posts talk about what to expect from the blog and about her obsession with colorful things, including nail polish. It is the perfect 'Girly' blog for every lady out there. Kelly is also an artist, we went to art school together, and a lovely writer.

I have known her my whole life. We went to Catholic elementary school, lived in the same nieghborhood, and worked at the small local grocery store also. She got me the job back when we were in college =). Oh what fun we had closing the deli department.

She was in my wedding and is the one friend who visits me in NYC every year. Thanks Kelly for visiting me. No one else does! No they do, I'm just kidding. Seriously though, she does visit every year. I didn't think it would be so hard to get people to actually take a trip and visit. They get a trip to Manhattan, with free hotel because they stay with me, and it's like pulling teeth to get people to visit.

Anyways... I got off subject alittle. Well go check out Kelly's blog and follow too.