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Ghost History - Do You Believe In Ghosts

Do you Believe in Ghosts?

This is a question that many people find to be controversal do to religous views or because of lack of scientific evidence.

shadow of jesus statue reflected on st louis cathedral in new orleans

A ghost can be defined as the spirit or soul of a dead person or animal, usually a family member or friend. I did a web search for 'Ghosts defined' and many definitions came up including Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary here.

I have always been a believer in the spirit world and I try to learn and research as much as possible when it comes to this 'other' world. I have had the usual experiences that many people choose to ignore. Many photo's taken in my childhood home that was built in 1910, where my parents still live today, have orbs and unexplained lights or glows above our heads. We like to believe these are family members joining in our celebrations and daily lives. Many of these photo's are taken on holidays or on special occasions. Below are two photo's taken Thanksgiving 2009 and both have orbs in them. One orb is over my sisters face and the other is next to my dad making a goofy face near the door.

sister and cousin of artist julia finucane with orb father of julia finucane with orb

My dad had an experience when he was a young child. His father, my grandfather, died when my dad was only 5 days old. He was hit and killed by a drunk driver while walking home from a local Irish pub. My dad believes that his father came to him one day while my dad slept on the living room couch. My dad explains that he felt his fathers presence and saw his fathers face which woke him up. My dad remembers being lifted up off the couch and held by his fathers spirit. My dad never knew his father and never really new what he looked like, but my dad new it was him. He insists still to this day that he wasn't dreaming and that he was too scare to be sleeping. I should also say that my dad is a very intelligent and reasonable man, so for him to say he had this experience happen to him, I believe him even though my mom is skeptic.

I am also a huge history person and love hearing about different events that have happened in the past. I am lucky to have a husband that shears in this obsession. With every little weekend trip or vacation we take, we always try to go on some sort of tour that involves history. Many of these tours are ghosts tours and are always entertaining. Below are photo's from the amazing Mark Twain house & their Graveyard Shift Tour and The New Orleans Vampire Tour. The New Orleans photo is of St. Louis Cathedral which has a few orbs floating around it. This Cathedral is very beautiful but also has a pretty horrible story attatched to it involving the making of the city and quite a few dead soldiers as well as many others which can be found here. To find more on this Cathedral all you have to do is search it on the web and you will find a lot.

mark twain house st louis cathedral in new orleans

I have many more photo's along with a lot more stories and tours that I plan on shearing with you. I am adding a Ghost / History series to my website to add some more fun to the site. If anyone has any stories to shear, please do in the comments section. Also * Please Note that this is for fun and I hope not to offend anyone. I am a religous person and wouldn't want to upset anyone and I feel everyone's opinions are important.

Thanks for viewing =)