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Pink Noise Art Zine 4 - Interview

The Pink Noise Art Zine #4 came out yesterday and I am so proud to be apart of it again. Last zine issue I had some of my artwork displayed in it, but this time I have alittle more. Katie, the zines founder, included a brief biography and images of myself as well as my artwork. You can find my stuff on pages 42 - 45 in the zine.

pink noise art zine julia finucane interview pink noise art zine julia finucane interview

For those of you who never heard of the Pink Noise it is defined as (according to the zine site)...

Pink Noise is a multi-level artist promotional project.

A place to show your work and let everyone know where to find you online. It is also a developing artist resource, to make all those interesting places out there easily accessible.

Essentially an Artist Directory, but with the added twist of close collaboration with an Art Zine. This interactive element sets it apart from the average artist listing!!

To view more about Pink Noise and the artists involved please click here.

pink noise art zine

New Orleans Vacation - Southern Plantation Tours

st louis cathedral

I am back from my little vacation with my Christopher. We went to New Orleans and had the best time. I absolutely love that city with the people, the food, the art, and the street performers. Nothing compares in my eyes.

When we weren't eating =) we went on tours and explored the city. We went on a Vampire tour which was very interesting and kinda creepy. I bought a book after about New Orleans ghost and vampire history. I also took this photo below which was outside of the St Louis Cathedral and is of the Jesus statue. I thought is was an amazing picture.

st louis cathedral shadow

We also went on three plantations tours. I love looking at how people lived on these huge and beautiful sugar cane plantations. The three we went on were the Laura plantation, Evergreen plantation, and the San Fransisco plantation ( all shown below in order ). We went to Oak Alley last year. I can not wait to return to New Orleans and hopefully I won't have to wait to long.

laura plantation new orleans

evergreen plantation new orleans

san fransisco plantation new orleans

Purple Fairy Art - Fantasy Jewelry Box

out of the pansies fairy purple trinket box

I have been painting some jewery / trinket boxes and as I finish them, I will be placing them up for sale in my Etsy shop.

I listed the first one up for sale yesterday. This one has an image of my painting 'Out of the Pansies fairy' which has a whimsical fairy sitting on purple flowers. I hand painted little purple flowers along the top and sides of the box. The box opens and closes with a hinge and latch.

Mouse In My NYC Apartment

image of mouse
Sunday night, while creating some new zazzle products and merchandise, out of the corner of my eye I saw something scurry right paste me. I looked up and saw a little gray mouse running from under my radiator, along the baseboard, and into my kitchen.

I jump up on my chair, like those sterotypical house wife images, still holding my computer in my hands. I think about it now and have to laugh at how scared a little mouse made me. Oh and my dog Puppy, a huge Rotty, did nothing. Yeah I know she is not a cat but still. Puppy just looked at me up on my chair like "what are you doing?"

Anyways, I new that I had to get it out and I would NOT kill the poor little guy. I called my husband at work, of course he had to be working that night, and asked him what to do. He told me to put towels in front of all the doors trapping the mouse in the kitchen, so I did that. I also put a cardboard wall up in the hall to the kitchen. My plan was to scare him out from under the stove or where he was and push him out the door.

Now I live in NYC in an apartment building and I have never had a mouse in my apartment that I know of and really do not know how he got in. I had the front door open waiting for this furry little guy to run out but finally realized that this was a bad idea because with my luck I would let more in this way. =)

Well after like 20 minutes of waiting, I gave up. I saw him again about 2 hours later. He ran from under my refrigerator to the door, bumped into the door, and ran back under the refrigerator. That was last time I saw him.

My husband and I searched for him yesterday and found nothing so I do not know if he got out or not. I am thinking he is scared under my sink somewhere. I refuse to put down those traps that kill them. I know that he will probably die anyways because our building, like many NYC buildings, have an exterminator come in twice month if not more, but I can not kill him.

Well, I am hoping that he got out and am goig to forget about him until I see him again.

Handmade Rag Dolls - Julia Finucane

black bunny rag doll by julia finucane

I have some rag dolls to show you. I call these hand sewn, all homemade dolls my 'Droopy Heart Rag Dolls'. Each is sewn by me and then the face is hand painted in acrylic making these dolls unique and one-of-a-kind. I add different accessories including bows, nuttons, and ribbon. I also sew an upside down 'Droopy Heart' on each doll making them official. Each doll has it's own name as well.

I am also taking cutom doll orders for these dolls.

blue rag doll by julia finucane

pink rag doll by julia finucane