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Finished Do It Yourself - DIY - Handmade Fabric Headboard

A few weeks ago, I wrote that my husband and I were working on making a fabric headborad for our bedroom for our first year anniversary. Well, we finished it and it is now hanging on our wall. I got the directions from the DIY website here.

julia finucanes handmade fabric headboard

We purchased the plywood at our local home depot store. They also cut the wood acording to our measurments for us. This made the plywood square and I wanted round design, so my father in law cut the shape for me and drilled the holes for the buttons.

julia finucanes handmade fabric headboard

We also purchased the fabric, a blue textile fabric with a thick texture. My husband chose a white satin fabric to make the fabric buttons out of which was a great chioce because the satin was thin and easy to move into the buttons.

We wanted to make the headboard soft and smooshy so we got a foam mattress pad and folded it twice to place under the batting. We also used large, long staples so they would go through all the layers.

julia finucanes handmade fabric headboard

Putting the buttons through the headboard was the hardest part of the project and took both of us. I pushed the thread through the hole while he pulled it through tightly to make the button pushed in. He had to hold it tight while I staled and taped the button.

julia finucanes handmade fabric headboard

julia finucanes handmade fabric headboard

To hang the headboard we used mounting hinges or mounting hooks which are working great. Overall I am very happy and pleased with the finished product.

julia finucanes handmade fabric headboard

Bird Artwork - ACEO Art Cards

I finished 6 new ACEO art cards a few days ago and I wanted to shear them with you. All 6 originals are made with acrylic paints on card stock.

white cherry bird aceo

yellow grape bird

blue flower and bees aceo

blue flower bird aceo

green birds with vine

bee and purple flower aceo

DIY - Do It Yourself - Handmade Fabric Headboard

My husband and I are planning on making a new headboard for our bed this weekend. We got the idea from our visit to Niagara on the lake and our stay at the Prince of Whales hotel. This Sunday is our 1st wedding anniversary and this our present to eachother. Below is a picture from the hotel.
prince of wales hotel headboard

We plan on making a victorian looking fabric headboard with the buttons. I need to find a fabric that matches my bed linens, so I decided to use a medium to dark blue fabric. I would love to find fabric that has a texture to it as well. I found these photo's below from DIY sites and both are unique with there shapes.

blue headboardgreen headboard

We looked up directions on how to make this headboard and hopefully it isn't that hard. I think it will be a fun project to do. I also plan on using antique looking buttons instead of matching fabric, but we will see. I will be sure to put the finished prduct up as soon as it is finished.