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Some photo's from my computer

I was looking through some photo's that I still have on my computer. They are not old, but have been on my computer for a year now. I really need to catch up on my photo development. I guess that is the problem with digital camera's, you get so behind. Enjoy!

This is my cat Smokey

This is the backyard that my apartment looks over. This photo was taken was last spring. It is so pretty and the buds are blossoming again, so I am getting excited to see this view again.

This is my dog Puppy. She was scared and hiding from the thunderstorm that was going on outside. 

Interview on iprintfromhome.com

I just wanted to shear with you the interview I did for iprintfromhome.com. I have written about this wonderful printing company before and was so happy to get a chance to be apart of their interview section called 'What, How, & Why - A Closer Look'. You can check it out on their website here or on their blog here .

For those of you who haven't heard of iprintfromhome.com, is a family owned printing company with the best customer service. They are from my hometown of Buffalo, NY so go and support my local business =)

They also have 'Thank you Dollars' where you can get your first prints for free. More about this promotion below.

Thank Your Dollars
If you are referred to iprintfromhome by a friend, you get a $10:00 credit to your new account. I used this credit to order my first prints, which is great so I could test the prints before ordering a large amount. 

*To get your $10:00 credit in 'Thank you dollars' 
Sign in as a new member and enter "TWEET - referrer's name" in the registration box when you create your account.  
So for example if I refer you it would look like this ( Tweet- juliafinucane ). Hopefully if you are reading about this promotion here, you would be kind enough to put my name as shown above =)
Once that is done, they will then deposit $10.00 into your account.

Rose petal lamp shade

My latest project is one that I have been trying to finish for some time now.

I have a lamp that the shade got spotted and now is very ugly. My last apartment was very damp because we were on the beach, and I believe that this is why my shade got spotty.

Because my lamp is connected to my end table / book shelf in my bedroom, I want to save the shade. I got an idea to use fake rose petals to cover the shade. I came up with this idea during my wedding. I had these petals all around the tables and they were so pretty.

I researched this idea and found some photographs of lamps already done. These are the photo's in this post. Hopefully my shade comes out just as good. I will post the finished product when it's finished.