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I Found Them my paintings!

I found my paintings and all with a little investigative work on my part. I called UPS, found out exactly who signed for them, took a long 2 hour each way drive out to my old apartment, knocked on the door (not alone of course), and got my paintings back. I guess there are still honest people out there. The nice couple had kept them in their kitchen waiting for me to come pick them up. They said they new I would come eventually. Thank you again nice couple in my old apartment. Words can't express how thankful I am. 

Now with UPS though, I am not. Who drops off packages and let them sign for it without checking the names. My name is Finucane and I am a girl. The person who signed for it was a man with the name of Jackson. Not even close. Also they put a huge hole in my canvas so I have to patch that up. The hole is not that bad though and can be saved because it is in a part with only background color, but I am still upset with UPS.

My paintings are Lost!

So those of you who know me, know that I have been trying to get my 2 paintings back. Well the gallery owner mailed them to me, but at the wrong address. Not his fault because I moved. The new tenants at my old apartment signed for them and dumb UPS let them. I always thought that if you sign for a package you have to be that person. What's the use of having delivery confirmation and signing if UPS is just going to let anyone sign for them. Anyways, this was three weeks ago and I just found out about it today. So some dishonest person has my artwork. I am thinking the worst though like they sold them, or threw them out, or hopefully still have them. I am so upset and don't know what to do. I am going out to my old apartment later today to see if I can talk to the new tenant. If they don't have the paintings then I am going to try and get UPS to pay because the packages were insured. Well wish me luck.

These are the 2 paintings if anyone ever sees them.

Nice day in the New York City!

It was so nice this past weekend in the city that all of us New Yorkers had to escape the indoors and explore the outdoors. All winter long New York is cold and snowy, so as soon as the sun shows itself, New Yorkers like a bunch of crabs pop our little head out of our little apartments and get outside. 

I was not going to waste the weekend indoors. My soon to be husband Chris took me and our 7 year old puppy to the park (Central Park). Puppy was loving it. She chased squirrels and played in the mud, which later got her a bath. 

Here Puppy is on the bench posing for a picture. We took her winter jacket off and she got to wear her pink bandana. 

I can't wait for the weather to break and Spring to come. Winter is just to long. Well we will say goodbye to the warmer weather because a storm is on it's way with snow for this weekend.