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Store Bought Canvas vs. Stretch Your Own

Store Bought Canvas vs. Stretch Your Own

I recently came across the question of... Is store bought canvas worth the same as if you stretch it yourself? As an artist, I have never really thought of this question before, because I was taught that the two canvas types are the same. The reason for my wondering about this, is because I was recently told that store bought canvas is worth less. The store bought canvas I am talking about here is gallery wrapped and stapled on the back. I decided to way in the two and came up with these comparisons...

Store bought canvas is already measured, stretched, stapled (on the back), bleached white, and primed. Sometimes I prime them a second time for a smoother surface. They come in a variety of sizes, which can be a downfall as well because you can’t get custom sizes. They are also more expensive, but all the work is done for you. Some side bars are not as thick or strong, but all are perfectly measured with no flaws. 

Stretch your own canvas has to be done from scratch. You must measure and cut the stretch bars. You have to measure, cut, and staple the canvas to the bars which can be difficult if you don’t have the space and tools. You have to prime it yourself. You can choose your size so the varieties are endless. This is less expensive but more time consuming. The bars are usually thicker, but flaws in measuring, cutting, and stapling can happen. 

Over all I always felt that both types of canvas are worth the same. No one is worth less then the other. I was told this by my art instructors as well as by fellow artists. I always thought that it was up to the artist on which to choose. 

So any comments or opinions? What do you think?

Halloween art show photo's

The show on Halloween was fun. There were many talented artists and their artwork on display. My two paintings are in the front window. Many of my friends and family attended, since it was in my hometown of Buffalo, NY. The show will be up I believe for the month of November at the Cosmopolitan art gallery on the corner of Allen and Main.


There was a Flame thrower that entertained on the corner of the Gallery.