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Blog of Julia Finucane - Fantasy Artist and owner of Two Cats Witchery gift shop.
Explore fantasy art, lowbrow art, handmade DIY goods and crafts, learn about enchantment, folklore, spirituality, magick, and Tarot.
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                    Friday Folklore and Mythology              Spirituality and Old World Magick              
- St Jude Thaddeus                             - Cape May Diamonds
    - Folklore Friday - Series                  - Home Cleansing with Oil
            - Merry Yule                              - Sweetgrass Braid Smudging
- Soulmate vs Twin Flame                      - Garden Sage Herb
- Eagle Spirit Guide                            - Tarot Readings
          - Owl Symbolism and Meaning           - Long Pine Needle Bundles
                         Julia's Handmade Shop Items                   DIY Crafts and Projects                                 
           - Handmade Chakra Powders                 - DIY Plastic Bag and Fabric Pillows
- Handmade Rag Dolls                         - DIY Pallet Wood Dog Bed
- Black and Pick Salt                                - DIY Yarn Wreaths
- Black Cat Oil                                         - DIY Reupholster Chair
Recipes and Yummy Eats                      Natural Home Remedies 
              - Dog Frozen Yogurt                       - Cayenne Pepper Rabbit Repellent
      Art Events and Gallery Shows                 Artwork and Works in Progress 
- Evolution Fashion Show 2014                 - Fantasy Fairytale Art Book
           - Iprintfromhome Gallery contest            - Folk Art, Whimsical Bird Full Moon
                                                                                   - Space Queen Work in Progress           
                                                                             - Crystal Ball Fairy, Space Queen Art
                                                                        - Sand Mermaid Painting
                Julia's Life                                       Blogs and Websites I Enjoy
- New Home and Renovation                            - A Beautiful Disaster
- Salem Massachusetts Trip                                                              
- Bethlehem PA Trip                                                                
- Our Puppy Lizzy