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February 1, 2014

Cape May Diamonds - White & Rose Quartz Crystals - Spiritual Beach Stones

These quartz crystals are known as Cape May Diamonds and I absolutly love them. They consist of white, yellow, & rose quartz and range in differents sizes.

You can find these crystals in both my Etsy shop under Cape May Diamonds & in my website shop Enchanted Fantasy.

My husband and I collect these each year when we make our annual trip to the Jersey Shore. The first time we descovered the beach that these stones are found on, I was in shock and overcome with joy. Imagine a beach that instead of sand, its just all quartz crystals. It hurts your feet a little when walking on them, but it is worth the visit.

I collected each of these stones shown from nature. These quartz crystals come from the lovely town of Cape May, NJ. They form in an underwater caves in the ocean and wash up on one of there hidden beaches (Sunset Beach). Naturally tumbled, legend has it that the trip is said to take thousands of years.

Origin & Legend 
Cape May Diamonds are are naturally tumbled quartz crystals, from the upper Delaware River. People have been searching for and collecting these crystals since the early 1800's. These crystals tumble in the ocean waves, making them smooth and polished. If tumbled for longer; these crystals can beeven more polished, smooth, and some may turn completely clear. People search for the small, clear stones because they look like diamonds. They are not diamonds, they are quartz crystals.

Crystals are used for spiritual, chakra healing, meditation, energy cleansing, & ritual or prayer purposes. Can also be used with wire wraping for jewelry making.

I love these crystals so much, that I decided a couple years ago to start selling them in my shop so that everyone can enjoy them. Some I sell in their natural, raw state (shown in the photo's) and some I sell once they are tumbled in my tumbler. To tumble these stones can take upto 2 months or more.

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