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February 7, 2013

New Home - A Renovation Story - Part 1

Well since I have been MIA from my blog, Facebook fanpage, and You Tube channel for just over 2 months now ( I have been living off of a neighbors wi-fi, with permission of course), I decided to let everone know why.

Back in August, I talked in a few of my You tube videos, about a huge change that was happening in my life. I also said that it was going to talk more about it when it actually happened. Well it happened, so I guess I should talk about it.

Everyone knows that I live in NYC and love being able to experience this big city life, but my husband was not as "loving it" as I was. We made the descision to move from NYC back to our hometown of Buffalo, NY. I was uncertain at first and knew that I would miss my city, but I also knew that this change would get me closer to my family and friends. My husband was convinced, so he did the smooth talking of convincing me.

In July we started looking for a house, since I did not want to rent in a city that owning a house is cheaper. We made a weekend trip to Buffalo to "visit family" and drove around a few neighborhoods and went by some houses. We had to refamiliar ourselves with different areas, because places could have changed in the 8 years since we lived there. We also knew that we wanted an old house with land or a double lot, close to our parents, was afforable, and a fixer upper. We did not want to buy a house that someone else decorated, since we had a vision of our dream home. We wnt home well educated and with an idea of where we wanted to be.

Back in NYC we did a lot of web house searching and contacted a realtor. The first house my husband liked sold in 1 day and the ones I liked were out of our price range. I was frustrated and was rethinking the move, when I decided to do a web house search for myself (without him in my ear). Well that did the trick. I found a house that met all of our requirements and it had not shown up in any of our previous searchings. I figured it was new on the market and called my Christopher at work. With further researching that night (this time with him), I realized that we passed by this house. I told him that I remembered it and actually said, "LOOK AT THAT HOUSE! " in excitement, but he didn't remember. I figured that it was too expensive and didn't pursue it, but now it was appearing in our price range. We called the realtor and found out that it had been for sale for 2 years, was way over priced, and needed a ton a work. It was an estate sale and the children had just lowered the price, with their realtors advice. We set up an appointment to look at it and called his parents.

~ Remember we were in NYC and had no way of looking at it. We put our trust in his parents and sent them to the house. Also this was a secret, no one knew what we were planning yet. ~

So back to the house... it needed a TON of work, a complete renovation job, but his father said "we can do it." So we made an offer and after some negotiations, 3 closing dates, and months of waiting.. we got the house. 

Now the fun part started.. the move and the renovation..

Stop back for part 2 of - A Renovtion Story