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Welcome to the site of Fantasy Artist, Writer, and Intuitive Julia Finucane. Explore her enchanting art of fantasy, fairytales, fairies and fae, mermaids and goddess sisters. Get lost in the world of magick, spirituality, and Tarot. Learn Irish & Italian folklore and traditions. "Enjoy & Follow Me"!
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August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th

It's Friday the 13th =)
friday the 13th banner
My husband and I are very superstitious and we believe in 'Those that go Bump in the Night', so we will be super careful today. We are planning on watching a scary movie tonight but we have no idea which one.

Well hope everyone has a happy and safe day and watch out for those black cats.

*I actually do not believe in the black cat superstition because I grew up with an all black cat named Midnight and we lived a happy 18 years with her. So if you do see a black cat, he might actually just need a good home.

August 11, 2010

Big Eyed Girl - Works In Progress

work in progress

I have two painting that I just started and wanted to shear them with you. Both are 8"x10" acrylic on canvas with the 'Big eye Girl" art theme. I will post more pictures of the WIP and then the finsihed products as well.

works in progress

August 5, 2010

Pink Noise Art Zine 3 - Featuring Julia Finucane

pink noise page image for julia finucane

I was featured in the Pink Noise Art Zine #3 which just came out today. The Pink Noise Art Zine is an online collection of artist from all walks of life. It looks really great and the artwork is amazing. Go check it out and spread the link around to those who might ike it.

These artists in the Zine, includng myslf, are all part of the Pink Noise community created by Katie Robinson which is as follows...

pink noise art zine logo
Pink Noise is a multi-leveled artist promotional project. A place to show your work and let everyone know where to find you online. It is also an artist resource, to make all those interesting places out there easily accessible.

Essentially an Artist Directory, but with the added twist of a close collaboration with an Art Zine. This interactive element sets it apart from the average artist listing!!

The philosophy behind Pink Noise is that in sharing around Pink Noise to others, you are a) promoting yourself and b) promoting everyone else that is involved as well.
. . . . And if everyone does it, we all help each other out! It’s a wonderous and simple plan and I love it! Even just posting a link on your social networking profile is going to help spread awareness, anything else interesting you do will be great and I know for some people it can be used as a bit of an ‘excuse’ to shout out about their work, in ways they might not have felt comfortable with otherwise.

August 4, 2010

Bird Art - Whimsical Flowers - ACEO Cards

blue sparrow birds aceo

I worked yesterday on a few more ACEO original paintings and would like to shear them with you. I really enjoy doing these little pieces of art and they seem to be very popular right now and are very affordable.

red sparrow birds aceo

yellow bee and flower aceo

green sparrow bird aceo

purple flowers aceo
purple sparrow bird aceo

yellow sparrow bird aceo

green sparrow bird aceo