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Welcome to the website & blog of fantasy artist, lifestyle blogger, & owner of Two Cats Witchery; Julia Finucane. Explore fantasy, fairy tale, & lowbrow art. Enjoy handmade goods & recipes, DIY craft tutorials, & lifestyle article's. Learn about enchantment, folklore, spirituality, magick, & Tarot. Scroll down for blog articles & visit the Gift Store!

Screen Printed Clothing

My 'Droopy Heart' screen print clothing is available for purchase. You can view some already made here .

Every piece of clothing is uniquely handmade. I screen print each piece of clothing by using fabric ink and a handmade screen printing device. 

The device is made with an embroidery ring, shear curtain fabric, and mod podge. You can go here to view more about this process.

Each clothing piece comes with a handmade tag made by me that shows authenticity of the product.

These pieces are available directly through me.

Custom Ordering
I accept custom orders for my 'Droopy Heart' screen prints. If you want to make an order, please contact me and let me know. 
When custom ordering your piece, you choose the color or colors you prefer and the size you will need.

Panties are $7.00 plus shipping.
Tops are $10.00 plus shipping.
If you order a PJ set, they are $15.00 each set plus shipping. A set include one panty and one undershirt.

All rights are reserved by me, the artist. Buyer is not purchasing the rights to the doll. The doll is not to be copied or reproduced in any way.
Thank you for viewing, Julia =)
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