Iprintfromhome Prints came in!

They are finally here!

I ordered some test prints from iprintfromhome a few days ago and have been waiting for them in excitement. I ordered some 4x6 inch prints at $.30 each and two 8x10 inch prints at $2.00 each. I used my 'Thank you dollars' so I didn't pay anything. 
*more on 'Thank you dollars' later.

I chose to order these on lustre kodak paper which is a combination of glossy and matte paper. I usually do all my prints at home on matte paper, but I wanted to see how the lustre would turn out. The lustre finish has a slight gloss tint to it, but doesn't look like a photograph in the turns of gloss. I didn't order any in matte, so I cannot compare. 

Finished Product
The 4x6 inch prints came out so lovely. I compared them to the prints I do at home, and besides from the lustre finish, they are very similar. The prints came out clear and very vibrant.

Before I ordered, I touched up the image on my computer and brightened the colors up a lot. I notice that prints no matter where you print them from always come out darker, so brightening the colors up before ordering is a must. 

The 8x10 inch print were kind of disappointing to me. They came out on the same lovely lustre paper and had great colors, but were very blurry and pixelated. This I do not believe was the printers fault, but mine for not having the correct resolution or something. I am not to sure what happened there. 
I did email them late last night,  about how to fix the pixels, and am waiting a response. 

My Recommendation
Over all I am very pleased with the prints and will order more 4x6 inch prints from them. The 8x10 inch, I need to fix the pixels before I order anymore. 

Oh and another plus for me is that iprintfromhome is located in Buffalo, NY (my hometown) so I am supporting my local business. 

Thank Your Dollars
*Now back to the 'Thank you dollars'
So the best part of the whole order was that I used my 'thank you dollars' promotion. 
If you are referred to iprintfromhome by a friend, you get a $10:00 credit to your new account. I used this credit to order all these prints which was great so I could test the prints before ordering a large amount. 

*To get your $10:00 credit in 'Thank you dollars' 
Sign in as a new member and enter "TWEET - referrer's name" in the registration box when you create your account.  
So for example if I refer you it would look like this ( Tweet- juliafinucane ). Hopefully if you are reading about this promotion here, you would be kind enough to put my name as shown above =)
Once that is done, they will then deposit $10:00 into your account.