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Today is my Birthday!

Happy birthday to me!

Inspiration from one my Favorite Childhood Character - Snow White

People always ask artists where they get their inspirations from and I am no exception. All artists have their own unique and special inspirations that they bring into their artwork no matter what kind of art they make. 

I often think back to all my childhood memories before I start a painting. I usually think about a story, a book, or maybe a character that I enjoyed as a child and still enjoy. 

One of my favorite characters of all time is Snow White and her inspiration is present in many of my paintings. This was the first Disney movie I saw and I remember singing all the songs with my dad, which could be a reason why I like her so much.

Snow White had fair skin (like me), big rosy red lips and cheeks, dark hair, and a headband. She also would always have blue birds and other animals surrounding her. 

Here are examples of my art with an inspiration from Snow White.

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