My Russian Blue Cat, Smokey Bear!

I went home to Buffalo, NY not to long ago and took some photos of my cat there. I adopted a cat from the SPCA about 3 years ago when my 18 year old cat Midnight had to be put down. That was the hardest thing I had to do and my family was devastated, so I went that week to the SPCA that same week and found this cute 2 month old Blue Russian. She fit in my two hands and she was so scared. My father named her Smokey and she's been part of my family ever since. 

When I moved almost a year ago, my parents kept her because they loved her so much. She is now such an independent cat and is a little nasty (she nips at your toes), but she is still so cute. 

Here is a picture of her about to run down the stairs.

Isn't she so cute!