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March 31, 2015

DIY Yarn Wreaths and Crafting Day

A friend of mine, Kelly O'Connell from the blog A Beautiful Disaster, came over last week for a craft day. She saw these DIY yarn wreaths online, so after a fun shopping spree at Jo ann Fabrics, we decided to give these wreaths a try.

Now I am new to working with yarn and this as my first yarn wreath, so my yarn kept getting a little tangled. After working on the wreath though, I started getting the hang of it. I would say that this is a pretty easy craft project and child friendly.

What we bought and the materials needed for this project were very simple. We purchased two hard foam wreath circles. They have different shapes, sizes, and materials that these wreath bases are made from. Get which ever you feel will fit your design and theme. We also bought yarn in four colors for the designs we were doing. These wreaths are for Spring and Summer, so we chose bright colorful yarn and accessories such as flowers and butterflies.

To start the wreath, we cut a very long piece of yarn. I tied the yarn on and started wrapping the yarn around the foam base. When I got to the end of the yarn piece, I hot glued it to the foam. I just rotated colors out for the multicolor wreath pattern. I also used two layers of yarn for each color. The knots are small enough to just wrap over with more yarn. The green and yellow wreath started the same way with a knot, but the two colors where held and wrapped together to form the pattern.

If you do not want to use a hot glue gun or are doing this with children, I would just knot both ends. The glue gun was not really needed for the yarn part, but we had it out so we used it.

To attach the flowers and butterfly, a hot glue gun must be used. So again, if working with children I would recommend having an adult help with that part. The butterflies did have clips, but they were not sturdy enough the stay on without glue.  

Over all, I think these DIY Yarn Wreaths are so creative, easy, and cute for any occasion. Let your creative juices flow!

March 25, 2015

Wearable Art Fashion Show

This is the second year that I am participating in a Wearable Art Fashion style show. For those of you wondering what a show like this is all about, you are not alone. Last year was the first time I heard about one of these events, and I knew I had to learn more and try it out for myself.

Like a normal fashion show these events involve designers, stylists, models, music, a runway, and a crazy backstage with everyone running around. What makes this style show different, is that the outfits are made from whatever your little artistic self can make them out of. This includes recycled materials such as bottle caps and newspaper, body art and paint, flower dresses made from coffee filters and magazines, and much more. The model is a walking canvas for the artist / designer to create a Wearable Art masterpiece.

The photo included is of last years event Evolution and was help at the historical Tonawanda Castle. It was such a beautiful venue with its old charm and history.

This year Evolution ZEN will be held at the Center for the Arts which is the University of Buffalo. It should make for a great night.

January 27, 2015

Love, Light, and Magick - Shop Opened in Buffalo NY

A new store has opened up here in Buffalo. Love, Light, & Magick is the cities newest Witchery Gift shop and the owner is Kurtlyn Cunningham. The location is also in a great area, on Hertel Ave, in my old neighborhood of North Buffalo. The shop not only has spiritual goodies, but local artwork as well, including mine. (I have art prints, sweet grass bundles, & handmade bath salts available there).

I first learned about the shop opening from my mom and sister, which is just a walk away for them. They both said that it was well worth the visit with reasonable prices and a very nice owner. I decided to email the owner and see if she was excepting submission from local artists and crafters. She said, "Yes" and that she would love to meet.

Long story short... the shop has a great feel, Kurtlyn is absolutely nice and has a good vision for the shop, and the prices are very reasonable. So if you are in the Buffalo area or visiting anytime soon, take some time out and check out Love, Light, & Magick. 

Love Light & Magick | 1374 Hertel Avenue | Buffalo NY | 716-262-0724 | facebook